27 December 2012

Almira Andrews married Robert Newcomb and Benjamin Newcomb

Almira Frances Smythe Andrews was born 3 Oct 1833 in Virginia and died 1 Dec 1872. She may have been the daughter of William and Emily A. Andrews. She married Robert Newcomb (10 May 1825 - 23 May 1865). They had seven children: Charles Willism, Robert B., Emma E., Mary A., Frank, Andrew Purefoy, Clarence Orville. Almira married Benjamin F. Newcomb (born around 1832 in Virginia). It is likely that Robert and Benjamin were brothers. Almira and Benjamin had four children: Lelia, Allie, Irene, and Benjamin.

Information fron U.S. Census records, death certificates, Find-A-Grave.

22 December 2012

Sarah Anderson married James Newcomb

Sarah Margaret Anderson (b. 26 Sep 1841) was born in Pope City AR, the daughter of William Nicks and Margaret (Wilson) Anderson. She married James Lemuel Atkinson Newcomb (19 Oct 1829 - 4 Mar 1886) 10 May 1859 in Union Parish LA. They had 10 children: William Anderson, Martha Goodwin, James Lemuel, Daisy, Francis, Margaret Hays, Josephine, John Tobin, Willis Wood, Bennett.

Information from B.M. Newcomb.

17 December 2012

Pearl Anderson married Rollo Newcomb

Pearl Vickers Anderson (20 Oct 1885 - 22 Jun 1972) was born in Virginia and died in Iowa. Her mother's maiden name was Virginia Vickers. Pearl married Rollow Edward Newcomb (13 Jan 1884 - 13 Jan 1948) 11 Oct 1914 in Ottumwa IA. They had six children.

Information from B.M. Newcomb and Find-A-Grave.

13 December 2012

Mary Anderson married Leonard Newcomb

Mary Anderson (21 Mar 1815 - 1902) was born in Manchester VT, the daughter of David and Elizabeth Anderson. She married Leonard Newcomb (24 Aug 1806 - 1890) 13 Sep 1832. They had eight children: Julia Ann, Elizabeth, Lydia J., Cynthia, Harriet, Melvina, David, Retta.

Information from J.B. Newcomb and Find-A-Grave.

09 December 2012

Jane Anderson married William Newcomb

Jane Anderson (26 Mar 17782 - 15 Feb 1845) was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Anderson. She married William Newcomb (24 Feb 1779 - 17 Nov 1845), the son of William and Elizabeth (Pope) Newcomb, 6 May 1804 in Philadelphia PA. They had seven children: Elizabeth, William, Thomas Anderson, Colin Gillespie, Charles, James McBride, Mary Anne.

Information from J.B. Newcomb.

04 December 2012

Lou Anderson married Daniel Newcomb

Ida Louphenia "Lou" Anderson (25 Jul 1875 - 1 Dec 1952) was the daughter ofWilliam Thomas and Susannah Lee Anderson. She married Daniel Leonard Newcomb (Oct 1882 - 15 Oct 1945). They probably did not have any children.

Information from U.S. census, public records, Find-A-Grave.

30 November 2012

Helen Anderson married Willie Newcomb

Helen Stockwell Anderson was born 20 Jul 1858 in Scituate MA. She married Willie Augustus Newcomb (b. 14 Jun 1849) 27 Feb 1879, as his second wife. They had three children: Ralph Augustus, Ruth Caroline, Ross Jackson. Willie's first wife was Hannah Brown, with whom he had a son.

Information from B.M. Newcomb.

25 November 2012

Fern Anderson married Earl Newcomb

Fern Anderson was born 25 Jul 1891 in Geneseo IL, the daughter of Theo Wilfred and Maud Estelle (de Motte) Anderson. She married Earl Martin Newcomb (b. 10 Apr 1892) 10 May 1913 in Woonsocket SD. They had a daughter.

20 November 2012

Lottie Amos married John Newcomb

Lottie Euell Amos (4 Apr 1873 - 13 Jul 1930) was the daughter of Charles and Nannie (Richardson) Amos. She married John Daniel Newcomb (28 May 1866 - 16 Jun 1920) 17 Jul 1890 in Siemon VA. They had 12 children: infant son, Gladys Estelle, Cecil Quinton, Mern Euell, Iris Isabel, Roscoe Budwell "Bernard", Girlie, Babyman, John Daniel, Albert Amos, Lloyd Pennington, Jack Lee.

Information from B.M. Newcomb and Find-A-Grave.

15 November 2012

Nathalie Ammann married Bentley Newcomb

Nathalie T. Ammann (14 Apr 1924 - 12 Apr 2006) was the daughter of Albert and Thelma Ammann. She married Bentley Roy Newcomb (19 Oct 1923 - 17 Oct 1995) and had three children. She died in Florida.

Information from published obituary, Social Security Death Index, Finda-A-Grave

11 November 2012

Emiline Amidon married William Newcomb

Emiline Amidon (b. 23 Nov 1818) was the daughter of Orrin and Hepzibah (Vinton) Amidon. She married William Augustus Newcomb (b. 7 Nov 1822) 7 Dec 1842. They had three children: Martin Luther, William Wallace, Iola D.

06 November 2012

Williamette Ames married Richard Newcomb

Williamette Ames was born Oct 1871 in Mariposa Co. CA, the daughter of William H. and Mary Jane (Hill) Ames. She married Richard L. Newcomb (22 Jun 1871 - 2 Dec 1944) around 1900. Richard's second wife was Mary E. O'Connor.

Information from U.S. census and other public records.

01 November 2012

Melvina Ames married Homer Newcomb

Melvina E. Ames was born Sep 1844 in Virginia. She married Homer Augustus Newcomb (b. 2 Apr 1842) 16 May 1867. They had four children: Edwin Stuart, Edith Clara, John C., and Mabel.

Information from J.B. Newcomb and U.S. census records.

27 October 2012

Sarah Alvord married Joseph Newcomb

Sarah Wells Alvord (23 Aug 1806 - 6 Mar 1836) was born in Greenfield MA and died in Worcester MA. She was the daughter of Elijah and Sarah (Wells) Alvord. She married Joseph Warren Newcomb (7 Oct 1804 - 27 Oct 1874) 8 Sep 1830 in Templeton MA. They had two children, Joseph Warren and Sarah Alvord.

Information from J.B. Newcomb and B.M. Newcomb.

23 October 2012

Janet Alsip Burnett married Howard Newcomb

Janet Elizabeth Alsip (27 Aug 1915 - 2 Apr 1998) was born in Decatur IL and died in Los Angeles. She was the daughter of Herbert and Julia Evelyn (Potts) Alsip. Her first husband was Lawrence E. Burnett (1902 - 1982). She married Howard Rounds Newcomb (8 Nov 1909 - 28 May 1985) 28 Dec 1943 in Los Angeles. They had three children.

Information from B.M. Newcomb, Chambers Family Tree online, public records.

19 October 2012

Amey Allison married Samuel Newcomb

Amey Allison (b. 2 Jul 1838) was born in Weymouth MA, the daughter of Walter H. and Mary Allison. She married Samuel Francis Newcomb 22 Nov 1855. They had three children: Amey Frances, Arthur Wilbur, Herbert Harris.

16 October 2012

Rosa Baumann married William Newcomb

Rosa Louise Baumann was born 31 Oct 1888 in Nebraska, the daughter of Henry Baumann. She married William Madison Newcomb (26 Feb 1887 - 15 Aug 1946) in Custer City OK, 25 Dec 1908. They had six children: Hallie Ada, Nova Leroy, Jay Levi, Lily Gay, Arthur Willie, Reece Alvin. Rosa died 3 Jan 1962 in Butler OK.

Sources: B.M. Newcomb, Find A Grave

14 October 2012

Susan Allen married George Newcomb

Susan P. Allen (d. 9 May 1863) married George Wilton Newcomb (28 Jun 1830 - 18 Oct 1908) 13 Oct 1852. They had three children: Moses William, Asel Foster, Edward Allen. George's second wife was Josephine Haskell, with whom he had four children.

Information from B.M. Newcomb

11 October 2012

Eliza Bathrick married William Newcomb

Eliza P. Bathrick was born 7 Oct 1822 in Perry NY, the daughter of Stephen and Rachel (Varnal) Bathrick. she married William Orson Newcomb (14 Feb 1820 - 14 Apr 1899) in Castile NY, 9 Sep 1840. They had two children: Lucius Stephen and Orson Eugene. Eliza died 22 Sep 1909.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

09 October 2012

Sophronia Allen Kelley married Reuben Newcomb

Sophronia Allen was born around 1806 in Massachusetts. Her first husband, with whom she had a child, was Ahira Kelley. Her second husband was Reuben Newcomb (26 Nov 1807 - 11 Sep 1853). Sophronia and Reuben had three children: Edwin (died in infancy), Sophronia, and Edwin. Reuben's first wife was Diana Phillips, with whom he had four children.

Information from J.B. Newcomb and B.M. Newcomb.

05 October 2012

Mary Bateman married John Newcomb

Mary "Polly" Bateman was born in 1782, the daughter of Joseph and Mary Bateman. She married John Powell Newcomb (6 Apr 1786 - 10 Aug 1843) in Cumberland Co. NJ, 3 Feb 1808. They had eight children: Mary H., Abigail P., William R., Hanna Ann, Eliza B., Harriet Amanda, and two infants. Mary died 9 Nov 1857.

Source: J.B. Newcomb

Margaret Allen married James Newcomb

Margaret T. Allen (d. 15 May 1873) married James D. Newcomb (27 Jul 1827 - 11 May 1887) 1 Nov 1862. She was his second wife. They had two children: Frank T. and Emma W. James' first wife was Emeline Wilson (1824-1861), with whom he had four children. His third wife was named Mary Elizabeth (d. 1892). Mary Elizabeth's first husband was Joseph R. Shimp.

Information from B.M. Newcomb and public records.

01 October 2012

Jemima Allen married Ebenezer Newcomb

Jemima Allen (12 Aug 1735 - 27 May 1818) was born in Bridgewater MA and died in Braintree MA. She was the daughter of Jacob and Abigail (Kingman) Allen. She married Ebenezer Newcomb (24 Oct 1734 - 27 Jan 1801) in 1756. They had nine children: Molly, Lois/Lucy, Anna, John, Francis, Ebenezer, Jacob, Abigail, William.

Information from J.B. Newcomb and Find-A-Grave.

27 September 2012

Harriet Allen married Elymas Newcomb

Harriet R. Allen (9 Nov 1812 - 1899) was born in Vermont. She married Elymas Sage Newcomb (4 Feb 1805 - 5 Sep 1869) 16 Sep 1832. They had two children: Francis Granger and Allen Aliakim.

Information from B.M. Newcomb and Find-A-Grave.

25 September 2012

Elizabeth Bateman married James Newcomb

Elizabeth Bateman was born around 1794, the daughter of Joseph Bateman. She married James R. Newcomb (27 Feb 1788 - 11 Aug 1866) 17 Feb 1813. They had eight children: Anna Eliza, James M., Adelia Jane, Webster, Harvey Bateman, Mariette, Joseph Dayton, Catharine A. Elizabeth died 18 Mar 1867.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

22 September 2012

Bertha Allen married Orman Newcomb

Bertha M. Allen (b. 4 Jul 1884) was born in Ohio, the daughter of John and Flora (Bishop) Allen. She married Orman Belden Newcomb (b. 20 Sep 1884) 26 Nov 1906. They had three children:Julia Emily, Gertrude Leone, and Allen John.

Information from B.M. Newcomb.

20 September 2012

Hulda Baston married Lowell Newcomb

Hulda G. Baston was born 21 Feb 1818 in Maine, the daughter of Daniel and Olive (Ring) Baston. She married Lowell Newcomb (4 Feb 1818 - 19 Mar 1849) in Westbrook ME, 25 Sep 1842. They had four children, all of whom died in childhood: Ellen, Celia, Sarah, Elizabeth. Hulda's second husband was Mark Adams.

Note: Lowell's sister Mary married Huldas's brother Winthrop.

Source: B.M. Newcomb

19 September 2012

Noah Webster and Katherine Newcomb

Noah Webster was born 9 Aug 1706 at Lebanon CT and died 20 Sep 1762 at Mansfield CT. He married Katherine Newcomb, daughter of Deacon John and Alice (Lombard) Newcomb. Katherine was born 21 May 1710, and died sometime before Oct 1755. J.B. Newcomb's genealogy indicated that Noah and Katherine had 12 children. However, the last child, Noah, was actually the child of the second wife, Elizabeth Jones, who apparently was not known to J.B. Newcomb. Noah Webster married Elizabeth Jones 2 Oct 1755 a Somers CT. At this time I do not have any further information on Elizabeth.

17 September 2012

Amelia Allen married Alexander Newcomb

Amelia Allen (b. 10 Jan 1851) was born in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, the daughter of John and Ann Allen. She married Alexander Newcomb (b. 30 Apr 1849) around 1870. They had 11 children: Mary Ellen, Wealthy J., Hugh, Horace Upton, Theodore, Ruby, Bertha J., Edith, Willis, Martha A., Carlos Alonzo.

Information from J.B. Newcomb and census records.

15 September 2012

Lydia Bassett married John Newcomb

Lydia Bassett was born 20 Sep 1757, the daughter of James and Lydia Bassett. She married John Newcomb (10 May 1749 - 4 Sep 1830) 20 Jun 1777. They had 10 children: Lydia, Mary, John, Salome, Evertt, Rachel, Le Prilete, Hannah, Gideon, Lura. Lydia died 27 Oct 1816 in Packersfield NH.

Source: J.B. Newcomb

12 September 2012

Sylvia Alfred Bronson married Thomas Newcomb

Sylvia Alfred (9 May 1778 - 15 May 1878) married, as her second husband, Thomas Newcomb (12 May 1761 - 8 Oct 1851) 9 May 1836. She was his second wife. Sylvia's first husband's surname was Bronson. Thomas Newcomb's first wife was Lucretia Webster, with whom he had 13 children. Thomas and Sylvia did not have any children together.

09 September 2012

Edith Bassett married Alvan Newcomb

Edith Bassett was born 12 Oct 1841 in Harwich MA, the daughter of Franklin and Huldah (Eldridge) Bassett. She marred Alvan Freeman Newcomb (19 Apr 1837 - 21 Jan 1912) in Brewster MA 10 Jul 1858. They had two children: Joseph Everett and Laura Annette. Edith died 11 Dec 1914.

Note: Edith's brother Burgess married Alvan's sister Ella.
Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

06 September 2012

Alonzo Wood and Lydia Hodgess

The old Newcomb genealogy said that Alonzo Wood (1808-1876, son of Allen Wood and Lucinda Newcomb) married Lydia Hodgess. However, another researcher tells me this is incorrect and that he married Aurilla Sprague.

The 1850 census for Troy OH shows Alonzo Wood, farmer, age 44, born in Massachusetts, with Lydia age 35, born in Massachusetts, and L, age 14, born in New York. The 1860 census for Troy has Alonzo Wood, age 52, born in Vermont, with Lydia, age 44, born in Massachusetts, and Lucinda O., age 24, born in New York. I found the same Alonzo, Lydia and Lucinda, still living in Troy, in the 1870 census. In the 1880 census, Lydia is a widow, still living with her daughter Lucinda, who is now Lucinda Sperry, also a widow. All of this is consistent with the information in the Newcomb books. Also interesting is that the daughter is named Lucinda, probably after Lucinda Newcomb, Alonzo's mother.

A database of New York marriage notices on Ancestry.com shows that an Alonzo Wood married Aurilla Sprague some time between 1800 and 1855. The 1850 census for Elbridge New York shows Alonzo Wood, merchant, age 42, Aurelia age 38, William age 16, Charlotte age 13, Byron age 11, Luticia age 8, all born in New York. The 1860 census for Elbridge has Alonzo, merchant age 52, living with C.C. Stevens (female), age 23, Byron age 21,Tish age 19, and William Stevens, merchant age 36, all born in New York. The 1870 census for Elbridge shows Alonzo, age 65, living in a hotel.

A contributor to Find A Grave states (no sources given) that the Alonzo Wood who married Aurilla Sprague later married Emeline Green in Rockford IL, and that he was born 6 Apr 1808 in New York and died 28 June 1887 in Illinois. The contributor states that this Alonzo's parents were Enoch Wood and Elizabeth Taylor. Given the dates and the parents, he would not be our Alonzo, whose parents were Allen Wood and Lucinda Newcomb. Additionally, some family trees on Ancestry.com indicate that the Alonzo Wood who married Aurilla Sprague was the son of Enoch and Elizabeth.

Given all this, I am of the opinion that the Newcomb books are right, and Alonzo Wood married Lydia Hodgess.

04 September 2012

Orinda Bass married Charles Newcomb

Orinda Caroline Bass was born 27 Apr 1878 in Texas, the daughter of Thomas and Arline (Wickson) Bass. She married Charles Lockey Newcomb (17 Sep 1879 - 1 Sep 1966) in Burleson Co. TX 12 Aug 1900. They had a daughter, Linnie Jane. Orinda died 9 Sep 1958 in Burleson Co. TX.

Sources: Social Security Death Index, cemetery records, U.S. Census

02 September 2012

Effie Aldrich married Daniel Newcomb

Effie Merrill Aldrich (24 Mar 1884 - 7 Jun 1968) was born in Bloomington IL and died in Denver CO. She was the daughter of Chauncey Soper and Euphemia Dixon (Van Buskirk) Aldrich. She married Daniel Edgar Newcomb 12 Jul 1906 in Monte Vista CO. They had six children: Ruth Alice, Helen May, Edgard Ephphatha, Mary Elizabeth, Chauncey Aldrich and Effie Margaret.

Information from B.M. Newcomb, census records, and online sources.

29 August 2012

Marjorie Newcomb and Roscoe Finch Love Letters

In a comment to another post, reader Heather brought to my attention the fact that 100-year-old love letters from Roscoe Finch to Marjorie Newcomb are being sold on Etsy at http://www.etsy.com/listing/87610984/100-year-old-love-letter. Roscoe and Marjorie were married in 1912. Marjorie was the daughter of Mary L. (Seymour) and Willis Oscar Newcomb.

Helen Aldoes married Benjamin Newcomb

Helen "Nellie" Aldoes was born around 1848 in Canada, the daughter of John Aldoes. She married Benjamin Burgess Newcomb (b. 28 Oct 1836) in Oct 1870. They had two daughters: Eva M. and Gertrude D.

Information from B.M. Newcomb

27 August 2012

Amanda Bascomb married Zachariah Newcomb

Amanda Bascomb was born in 1852 in Kansas, the daughter of Henry and Eliza Bascomb. According to census records, she was a member of the Delaware tribe. She married Zachariah Newcomb (d. 1886) and had three children: Eliza Jane, Solomon and Edward. Her second husband, whom she married around 1890, was Adam Wilson (b. Jan 1844). Amanda died Nov 1912.

Sources: John D. Benedict, Muskogee and Northeastern Oklahoma (Chicago, S.J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1922), U.S. census records

25 August 2012

De Ette Alderman married Worthy Newcomb

De Ette Victoria Alderman (20 Aug 1853 - 7 Aug 1931) was born in Hartsgrove OH and died in Santa Cruz CA. She was the daughter of Sylvester Phelps and Hannah Jane (Bell) Alderman. She married Worthy Timothy Newcomb (8 Feb 1850 - 19 Sep 1924) 30 Nov 1873 in Hartsgrove. They had five children: Glen Gertrude, Wendell Timothy, Ward Kenneth, Wayne Garfield and Leighton Charles.

Information from B.M. Newcomb, U.S. census records, Find-A-Grave.

23 August 2012

Mary Bartlett married Frank Newcomb

Mary Ellen Bartlett was born 12 Jan 1882 in Gold Run CA, the daughter of Ephriam Wood and Delilah (McDonald) Bartlett. She married Frank Herbert Newcomb (27 Apr 1884 - 4 Jun 1969) 21 Jun 1906. They had three children: Charles Edwin, Lila May, Frank Douglas. Mary Ellen died in 1966.

Sources: B.M. Newcomb, public records, Find A Grave

20 August 2012

Anna Alderfer married Willard Newcomb

Anna Alderfer (b. 4 Nov 1875) was the daughter of W.H. and Eliza J. (Sissel) Alderfer. She married Willard Newcomb (b. 15 Dec 1871) 6 Oct 1894. They had a daughter, Zethel Ruth.

Information from B.M. Newcomb

18 August 2012

Eveline Bartlett married Seth Newcomb

Eveline B. Bartlett was born 8 Jul 1821 in Maine, the daughter of John and Hannah (Perry) Barlett. She married Seth Newcomb (25 Jun 1814 - 1 Sep 1874) 5 Nov 1844. They had three children: Alice E., Frank B., Cora L. Eveline died 27 Dec 1901.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

16 August 2012

Ruth Albright married Morse Newcomb

Ruth Elizabeth Albright (6 Aug 1910 - 29 Nov 1999) married Morse Ruggles Newcomb (3 Sep 1907 - 25 Jul 1987) 11 May 1940. They had a son.

Inbformation from B.M. Newcomb, public records and RootsWeb sources.

12 August 2012

Jessie Albertson married Charles Newcomb

Jessie Albertson was born. 6 Oct 1849 in Cleveland OH. She married Charles Alfred Newcomb (28 Mar 1849 - 25 Dec 1899) 28 May 1872 in Cleveland. They had a daughter, Julia M.

Information from B.M. Newcomb.

10 August 2012

Chloe Bartholomew married Andrew Newcomb

Chloe Pamelia Bartholomew was born 28 Jan 1855 in Welshfield OH, the daughter of George and Angelina (Houghton) Bartholomew. She married Andrew Bates Newcomb (28 Apr 1853 - 1928) in Parkman OH 24 Dec 1874. They had two children, Grace Adeline and Lee Percy. Chloe died in 1929.

Sources: B.M. Newcomb, Find a Grave

08 August 2012

Verdie Agnes Albee married Leighton Charles Newcomb

Verdie Agnes Albee (11 May 1890 - 15 Jul 1968) was born in Clay Center NE, the daughter of John H. and Celia H. (Thatcher) Albee. She married Leighton Charles Newcomb 11 Apr 1920 in Howard NE. They had three children: Craig Allen, Don Orville, and Vance Albee.

Information from B.M. Newcomb and public records.

06 August 2012

Harriet Barteaux married Israel Newcomb

Harriet Ann Barteaux was born 18 Apr 1832 in Wilmot, Nova Scotia, the daughter of James and Parney Wheelock Barteaux. She married Isarel Munroe Newcomb (b. 14 Apr 1830) in Wilmot, 11 Dec 1857. She died 6 Apr 1912. Harriet and Isarel had 10 children: Fayetta Jane, Mary Elizabeth, Annie Laurie, Ezekiel Barteaux, Helen Amanda, Lucinda Irene, Alwilda Maria, James Edward, Addie M., Charles Ingraham.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

04 August 2012

Zillah Alberga married Fred Newcomb

Zillah Anna Alberga (b. 30 Dec 1893) was born in San Francisco, the daughter of David Judah and Catherine (Stanton) Alberga. She married Fred A. Newcomb (b. 26 Apr 1878) May 1909 in San Francisco. They had three children: Muriel Dolores, [name unknown], Robert Edward.

Information from B.M. Newcomb and public records.

31 July 2012

Augusta Albee married Sumner Newcomb

Augusta DeShow Albee was born around 1880 in Maine, the daughter of Dr. William A. and Phebe Albee. She married Sumner Otis Newcomb (b. 27 Nov 1880) 30 Aug 1905 in Bridgton ME. They do not appear to have had any children.

Information from B.M. Newcomb and U.S. Census records.

27 July 2012

Anna Ackerman married Harry Newcomb

Anna Ackerman (b. 22 Sep 1874) was born in Iowa, the daughter of Valentine and Elizabeth (Spurgeon) Ackerman. She married Harry Putnam Newcomb (p. 26 Sep 1867) 23 Jul 1892 in Burlington KS. They had seven children: Merl LaFayette, George Delos, Betsy Ruth, Zenora Faye, Lloyd Frank William, Lucy Belle, Anna(?) Lucretia.

Information from B.M. Newcomb and U.S. census records.

25 July 2012

Asenath Barr married Thomas Newcomb

Asenath M. Barr was born 6 Feb 1837 in Boalsburg PA, the daughter of William and Jane (Sample) Barr. She married Thomas Jefferson Newcomb (1 Sep 1823 - 14 Apr 1880) in Boalsburg, 10 Apr 1855. They had three children: Flora, William Barr, and Charles Carman. Asenath died 8 Jun 1900.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

22 July 2012

Delila Ahrens married David Newcomb

Delila Esther Viola Ahrens (15 Jun 1916 - 30 May 1988) married David Eugene Newcomb (16 Apr 1913 - 11 Mar 2003) 4 Oct 1936 in Minneapolis MN. They had four children.

Information compiled from B.M. Newcomb, Social Security Death Index, Find-A-Grave, obituaries.

17 July 2012

Lavinia Addison married Austin Newcomb

Lavinia W. Addison (26 Jan 1823 - 6 Nov 1897) was born in Windham NY, the daughter of Jesse M. and Julia (Hitchcock) Addison. She married Austin C. Newcomb (6 Nov 1808 - 18 Jul 1881) 18 Aug 1844. She was his second wife. They had four children: Addison J., William A., Emma C., Franklin P. Austin's first wife, with whom he had six children, was Catharine Jones, daughter of Stephen and Betsy Jones.

Information from J.B. Newcomb and B.M. Newcomb.

12 July 2012

Mary Emma Adams married Ralph Newcomb

Mary Emma Adams, daughter of Cahrles and Elizabeth (Robinson) Adams, married Ralph Newcomb (5 Nov 1869 - 1 Jan 1918) 19 Aug 1892. They had a daughter named Gladys Gertrude.

Information from B.M. Newcomb.

08 July 2012

Mary Elizabeth Adams married Peter L. Newcomb

Mary Elizabeth Adams (1862 - 14 Mar 1913) was born in Weston OH and died in Fostoria OH. She married Peter L. Newcomb (28 Aug 1856 - 15 Nov 1899) 6 Apr 1882 in Weston. They had five children: Addie, Vilas Levi, Myron, Stanley and Thaddeus.

Information complied from J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb and census records.

06 July 2012

Ellen Barnes married Franklin Newcomb

Ellen Barnes was born around 1842, the daughter of Alanson Elias and Charlotte (Finley) Barnes. She married Franklin Elisha Newcomb (15 Aug 1841 - 1 Oct 1908) in Parkman OH, 26 Sep 1866. They had two children, Frank Eugene and Wilfred Bertram. Ellen died 14 Oct 1878 in Cleveland OH. Franklin's second wife, with whom he had two children, was Jennie May (Martin) Tupper (1849-1920).

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb, Find a Grave

05 July 2012

Photos: Herman Newcomb, Edith Newcomb

Here is a message I received from Shelley Cardiel:

I've "rescued" two old photographs belonging to the NEWCOMB Family of New
York. The first is a photograph of Herman NEWCOMB which was taken at the
Marc & Schlum Studio in either New York City, NY or Saratoga Springs, NY.
The photograph appears to have been taken in the 1880's with Herman likely
about 9 years old at the time.

The second photograph is of Edith NEWCOMB which was also taken at the same
studio at about the same time with Edith appearing to be about 8-12 years
old at the time. I believe that these siblings from the same family that
you've each included in your family tree. I'm hoping to locate someone from
the family so that these wonderful old treasures can be returned to the care
of family

04 July 2012

Jerusha Adams married Charles Newcomb

Jerusha Adams (10 Jun 1767 - 17 Nov 1848) was the daughter of Micajah Adams. She married Charles Newcomb (19 Dec 1754 - 14 Mar 1821), the son of Jedediah and Eloizabeth (Spear) Newcomb. They had seven children: Elizabeth, Mehitable, Prudence, Jedediah, Charles, John Andas and George Washington.

Information from J.B. Newcomb.

02 July 2012

Louzana Barnard married Wilmer Newcomb

Louzana Adelaide Barnard, the daughter of Solomon H., and Susan A. (Stubbs) Barnard, married Wilmer Leslie Newcomb (b. 3 Feb 1859) in Wellfleet MA 1 Nov 1882. They had two children: Leslie and Mildred.

Source: B.M. Newcomb

30 June 2012

Jennie Adams married Frederick Newcomb

Jennie Adams (12 Mar 1874 - 8 Jun 1893) was born in Clarksville NY, the daughter of Charles Frederick and Mary Ann (Doty) Adams. She married Frederick B. Newcomb (25 Oct 1869 - 11 Dec 1906) 23 Nov 1889 in W. Clarksville NY. They had a daugher: Bessie Geraldine. Frederick's second wife, whom he married in 1896, was named Harriet.

Information from B.M. Newcomb.

28 June 2012

Mercy Barnaby married John Newcomb

Mercy Barnaby, the daughter of Timothy and Martha Barnaby, married John Newcomb (29 Jul 1720 - 13 Apr 1778) 5 Jun 1747. They had 11 children: Joseph, Benjamin, John, Catharine, Martha, Alice, Mary, Lydia, Ruth, Jonathan, Jacob. Mercy died 27 Mar 1776. John's second wife, with whom he had one child, was Deborah, a widow whose married name was Miller.

Source: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

26 June 2012

Estherline Adams married Perry Newcomb

Estherline C. Adams (b. May 1879) was born in Massachusetts, the daughter of George W. and Mary E. Adams. She married Perry Winfield Newcomb (b. 5 May 1881) around 1899. They had two children: Estherline C. and Albert J.

Information from B.M. Newcomb and census records.

24 June 2012

Emelia Berber married Levi Newcomb

Emelia Louisa Barber was born 22 Jul 1833 in Beekmantown NY, the daughter of Salmon Matthews and Mary Bingham (Felt) Barber. She married Levi Platt Newcomb (11 Jun 1821 - 2 Mar 1908), her second cousin, in Beekmantown 18 Nov 1858. They had a duaghter who died young.

Source: B.M. Newcomb

22 June 2012

Alice Winston Adams married Harry Howard Newcomb

Alice Winston Adams (b. 23 Dec 1869) was born in Winsston NJ, the daughter of William and Valona M. (Brookins) Prior. She was later adopted by Martin Adams. She married Harry Howard "Hal" Newcomb (16 Jul 1863 - 17 Nov 1941) 20 Oct 1869 in Boston MA. They had a daughter, Virginia.

Information compiled from B.M. Newcomb, census recordsd, Calif. Health Dept. records

20 June 2012

Rebecca Banker married Simon Newcomb

Rebecca Banker was born 5 Feb 1768, the daughter of John and Eleanor (Scott) Banker. She married Simon Newcomb (30 Nov 1753 - 1841), as his second wife, and had three children: Mary, Lucretia, Erexenia. Rebecca died 2 Apr 1810. Simon's first wife, with whom he had five children, was Phebe Norcross. His third wife, whom he married in 1811, was a widow whose married name was Allen.

Note: Rebecca Banker's sister Lucretia married Simon Newcomb's brother Kinner.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

18 June 2012

Ida Arabella Adair married William Fletcher Newcomb

Ida Arabella Adair (26 May 1862 - 16 Sep 1902) was born in Marysville IN and died in Berlin KS. She was the daughter of James Henry and Anna (Orth) Adair. She married William Fletcher Newcomb (9 Apr 1855 - 7 May 1953) 26 Mar 1878 in Tipton MO. Ida and William had nine children: Blanche Annette, Effie May, Olive Ethel, Harvey Taylor, Ella Marie, Harry Adair, Wilbur Frederick, Ina Bernadine, Fletcher Delos. William's second wife was Mary Elizabeth McSully.

Information compiled From J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb, census records, and Find-A-Grave.

16 June 2012

Lucretia Banker married Kinner Newcomb

Lucretia Banker was born 3 Dec 1762 in Dutchess Co. NY, the daughter of John and Eleanor (Scott) Banker. She married Kinner Newcomb (17 Aug 1756 - 6 Feb 1840) 15 Jan 1784. They had two children, Platt and Levi. Lucretia died 4 Mar 1830 in Plattsburg NY. Kinner's second wife, whom he married in 1830, was named Olive (d. 4 Jun 1854). Olive's second husband was Robins Beckwith.

Note: Lucretia Banker's sister Rebecca married Kinner Newcomb's brother Simon.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb, Find A Grave

14 June 2012

Theresa Acorn married Harmon Brunson Newcomb

Theresa Acorn married Harmon Brunson Newcomb (11 Oct 1849 - 18 Jul 1880) 20 Mar 1874. Her second husband was George Henry Doe, whom she married 22 Jun 1890.

Information from J.B. Newcomb and B.M. Newcomb.

12 June 2012

Mary Balzer married Thomas Newcomb

Mary M. Balzer was born 3 Feb 1869 in Rochester NY, the daughter of Augustus and Adelaide (Michaels) Balzer. She married Thomas Webster Newcomb (b. 13 Dec 1846), as his second wife, 7 Jun 1897. They had a son, Thomas Scott Newcomb. Mary died around 1923. Thomas's first wife, with whom he had four children, was Ella Wood (1850-1895). His third wife was Minnie Hanf.

Sources: B.M. Newcomb, J.B. Newcomb, newspaper archives

09 June 2012

Elizabeth Ackert married William Edgar Newcomb

Elizabeth Ackert married William Edgar Newcomb (27 Mar 1809 - Apr 1855) in 1831 in Pleasant Valley NY. She died in 1867. Elizabeth and William had four children: John, Virginia, Theodora, Francis.

Information compiled from J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb and census records.

07 June 2012

Rachel Caroline Abney married Stillman D. Newcomb

Rachel Caroline Abney (b. Oct. 1853) was born in Benton Co. IA. She married Stillman D. Newcomb (b. May 1852) 20 Apr 1874 in Greene Co. IA. They had seven children: Watson, Myrtle, Bertha, Nancy, Prentis, Dora, Alonzo.

Information complied from census records, WWI draft records, and Iowa marriage records.

04 June 2012

Sarah Ball married Levi Newcomb

Sarah Ann Ball was born in 1822, the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Wyer (Hall) Ball. She married Levi Newcomb (8 Feb 1822 - 1 Oct 1898) in Boston MA, 7 Jan 1844. Sarah's sister Ruth married Levi's brother William. Sarah and Levi had two children: Ann Elizabeth Newcomb and Edgar Allen Poe Newcomb. Levi's second wife, with whom he had two children, was Phebe Ann Edwards (1829-1885).

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb, DAR lineage books

02 June 2012

Sarah Abbott married Gideon Newcomb

Sarah Abbott (b. 19 Oct 1797) was born in Nelson NH, the daughter of Joshua and Huldah Abbott. She married Gideon Newcomb (4 May 1795 - 10 Sep 1838) 16 Mar 1819 in Roxbury NH. Gideon and Sarah had three daughters: Mary, Sarah and Laura.

Information from J.B. Newcomb.

31 May 2012

Ruth Ball married William Newcomb

Ruth Ball was born 1825, the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Wyer (Hall) Ball. She married William James Newcomb (28 Mar 1824 - 4 Apr 1908) 19 Mar 1843. Ruth's sister Sarah married William's brother Levi. Ruth and William had two children, Ella and Willie Augustus. William's second wife, with whom he had seven children, was Susannah Cushing (1822-1888).

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

29 May 2012

Jennette Abbott married Rodolphus Burnham Newcomb

Jennette Abbott was the second wife of Rodolphus Burnham Newcomb (2 Apr 1823 - 6 Sep 1878), and he was her second husband. Her first husband's surname was Rooks. Rodolphus and Jennette were married 6 Nov 1872. Jennette died 11 Nov 1874. Rodolphus's other wives were Nancy N. Burnham and Lottie White.

Information from J.B. Newcomb.

26 May 2012

Josephine Ball married Arthur Newcomb

Josephine Ball was born Jul 1852 in Wisconsin, the daughter of George H. Ball. Her mother's maiden name was Munson. She married Arthur Gilman Newcomb (10 Apr 1851 - 31 May 1912) in Minnesota, Mar 1873. They had four children: Mertie, Maud, Earl Aubrey, George Martin.

Sources: B.M. Newcomb and U.S. Census records.

24 May 2012

Ida Almeda Abbott married Aurelius Bartlett Newcomb

Ida Almeda Abbott (b. 17 Oct. 1861) was born in Newburgh ME, the daughter of Horatio Nelson and Almeda A. (Bickford) Abbott. She married Aurelius Bartlett Newcomb (b. 15 Dep. 1859) 6 Apr. 1878 in Newburgh. Aurelius and Ida had three children: Gertrude Judith, Henry Frank, and Ina Idella. Aurelius's second wife was Evelyn Hicks.

Information compiled from J.B. Newcomb and B.M. Newcomb.

22 May 2012

John Newcomb/Elizabeth Malcolm - Virginia Newcombs

I received this inquiry from a reader:

John Newcomb who immigrated to Charlotte, VA about 1774 and married Elizabeth Malcolm is the last Newcomb I have in my tree. Do you have any information about who his parents were and how I might be able to connect him to his parents and the rest of the Newcomb family?

19 May 2012

Mary Ellen Abbey married David Simon Newcomb

Mary Ellen Abbey (31 Jan 1860 - 2 Aug 1944) was born in New York, the daughter of Johnson and Elizabeth (Barker) Abbey. Her first husband was John Gurney. Her second husband was David Simon Newcomb (17 Oct 1863 - 26 Mar 1894). David and Mary had three children: Emma, Fred and Esther. Mary's third husband was Eugene Ackerman (b. Feb 1853). Mary and Eugene had a son, Frank. Mary's fourth husband was Frank Moesler.

Information compiled from B.M. Newcomb, U.S. Census, and Find-A-Grave.

18 May 2012

Newcomb Women

Unfortunately, tracing female ancestors can be extremely difficult. Traditionally, women's names were (and typically still are) changed when they marry. Often, a wife's maiden name is lost to history, making it nearly impossible to discover her family of origin. Conversely, we may know a woman's maiden name, but be unable to find her in adulthood because we don't know the name of her husband. To compound the problem, newspaper articles and other writings in the past often treated married women as if they had no individual identity at all. The wife of John Newcomb was often just referred to as "Mrs. John Newcomb," even when the story was about her personal accomplishments. So frustrating! If, by chance, Mr. Newcomb had more than one wife over the course of his life, we may not even be able to determine which one was being discussed.

In coming weeks I will be posting information about Newcomb women, both those who were born Newcombs and those who acquired the name by marriage. I hope this will be helpful to those of you who are interested in finding out more about your female ancestors.

14 May 2012

John and David Newcomb from VA

A reader sent me this inquiry:

In John Bearse Newcomb's Geneological Memoir of the Newcomb Family, on pg. 531 he lists a John Newcomb that immigrated to Charlotte, Va. about 1774, and married Elizabeth Malcolm. He died in 1811. JBN lists 10 children with the last being David who left before the War of 1812 and was not heard from. He also lists a David Newcomb from Cocke Co., Tenn. who married Mary Jane Lane in Halifax Co., Va. in 1800, and then served in the War of 1812 from Tenn. on pg. 546.

Has anyone found any data that would show that these Davids are the same individual? I've seen David Newcomb from Tennessee on several Ancestry.com family trees that show him with a father named John. But they don't have citations to confirm anything. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

09 May 2012

Looking for Someone?

If you'd like to see my full list of Newcombs and connected individuals, it's available for free at the Rootsweb WorldConnect Project in a database called rkwest.

If you'd like to get help from the larger Newcomb community, send me an email using the link on this blog. I'll post your inquiry on the blog so that it can be found and responded to by anyone who might have relevant information.

02 April 2012

Elizabeth Wiman Newcomb

B.M. Newcomb referred to her as Elizabeth Evelyn Weinan, and said that her parents were Samuel and Eliza Weinan. However, the name carved in stone at the Oddfellow cemetery in Tumwater WA is Wiman, not Weinan. Elizabeth married John Sampson Newcomb in 1891 in Olympia WA.

15 March 2012

William Newcomb 1752-1822

From Sons of the American Revolution: Enlisted from Lebanon as a private in Capt. William Richards' company, First Regiment, Connecticut Line. He was at the battle of Germantown and with the Army at Valley Forge.

13 March 2012

William Newcomb 1733-1814

From B.M. Newcomb's book:

Tradition says that William Newcomb was a loyalist at the time of the Revolutionary War and was compelled to leave the country. He returned with his family to Cornwallis, but removed, about 1780, to Warren, Conn. The last years of his life were spent with his daughter Sarah. He nearly ruined his health, when a young man, in a successful attempt to remove a tree which had fallen upon his father, and was never afterward able to endure hard labor. His children were born in Cornwallis, where, it is stated upon good authority, he left a considerable tract of land undisposed of.

05 March 2012

Zaccheus Newcomb 1724 - c. 1790

From DAR lineage books: American Revolution: Served as a private in the Associated Exempts of Dutchess County.

02 March 2012


Welcome to the new location for our Newcomb genealogy discussions. We are in the process of migrating the old site to the new, so please be patient. Once the transition is complete, site operation should be even easier then before.

Thomas Newcomb 1761-1851

Thomas Newcomb was ordered drafted, 23 Aug. 1777, at the age of 16, as a substitute for a Mr. Thomas, and served from 25 Aug. to 8 Oct. he was in Capt. Skinner's Co., Col. Lattimore's Regt., on the march to Stillwater, Saratoga Co., N.Y., one or two days after the battle at that place, 19 Sept.; was in the reserve during the battle of 7 Oct. with Burgoyne. After Burgoyne's surrender he marched to Red Hook where he was discharged. Just prior to 1 Jan 1778, he volunteered under Capt. Joseph Hill of Lebanon for three months; marched to Providence, R.I. and in the latter part of Feb. obtained permission to serve as marine on board the U.S. ship Warren, Capt. Hogekins; ran the blockade in the night; captured at Newport, near the Bermudas, the Neptune, a merchant vessel, and returned to Boston About 1 May. In the latter part of May shipped as marine on board the frigate Dean, Capt. Hindman, at New London, with his brother, David; absent three months; returned to Boston after capturing two merchant vessels, one a very valuable prize. He served for two months in 1779; Jan 1779 was in 4th Regt., 5th Co.; on ship Vengeance to Penobscot. He did garrison duty at Ft. Griswold, Groton, Conn., under Capt. Latham and Co. Ledyard, for three months, 1781; was discharged a few days before the fort was captured by the enemy. On 5 Aug. 1781, his brother, David, having been drafted for nine months, he acted as substitute; was enrolled at White Plains, Capt. Wright's Co., Col. Swift's Regt.; rendered service near Peekskill, and in a whale-boat on Long Island Sound; captured a sloop, and, immediately after, another armed with ten guns, making her a prize, with three other sloops, loaded with wood and forage for the British army; carried them into Stamford, Conn.

01 March 2012

New Blog Location

The Newcomb Genealogy forum has been moved from its old location to Blogger!

28 February 2012

Reuben Newcomb c. 1747 - c. 1814

According to B.M. Newcomb: quite probably Reuben Newcomb took part in the Revolutionary War, and he is probably referred to in the following concerning troops stationed at a junction of Penobscot and Magabigwaduce Rivers, Me.: "Thursday, Aug. 5th. This afternoon a part of the enemy sayy'd out on our right, but upon receiving a fire from our pickets they retir'd in confusion to their fort. Capt. Newcomb with his rangers had a skirmish with a party of the Enemy; kill'd 4. We lost one Indian" (General Lovell's Journal.)

15 February 2012

Solomon Newcomb (son of Joshua) b. around 1742

From B.M. Newcomb's book: In the War of the Revolution, he served in W. Lewis' Co. at Cambridge, 1776; also in Capt. John Cills' 6th Co. of Artillery, Craft's Regt. 1777.

09 February 2012

Simon Newcomb 1753-1841

From B.M. Newcomb's book:

Simon Newcomb enlisted in the Revolutionary War from Nine Partners, Jun 1776, in Capt. Melancton Smith's Co. of Rangers, Stephen Haight, Lieut., Holmes, Ensign, no Colonel; was engaged for five months at Nine Partners, Fishkill, Peekskill, and Verplanks Point in arresting and guarding Tories. While at the latter place the British ship Asia, seventy-four guns, and other smaller vessels, came up the North River and anchored opposite. His duties were transferred to watching and preventing the landing of the army until September, when ordered to White Plains, and he was employed until October in traversing the foregoing names places and on the Peekskill mountains; returned to Fishkill, thence to Poughkeepsie, to guard prisoners until the end of the month, when he was discharged at Nine Partners.

On 10 Dec. 1776 he volunteered in the same company; was discharged in February following. On 10 Aug. 1777, he volunteered in Capt. John Rouse's Co., Ingals, Lieut, Col. Graham's Regt, Gen. Glover's Brigade; marched to Stillwater and encamped on Bemis Heights; was present at the capture of the army of Gen. Burgoyne, during the battle being en Gen. Gates' Division; after Burgoyne's surrender he was ordered to Albany, then to Esopus, etc., and was discharged 10 Nov. In June and July 1778, he served under Capt. Elijah Herrick, Col. Frazer's Regt.; in 1779 in Capt. Ostram's Co., same regiment.

As a result of his services during the war he was a pensioner.

07 February 2012

John Daniels Jr

Listed in Decendents of Leiut Andrew Newcomb you show

# 892 John Daniels Jr. whom married Grace Scott.

What book is this item from ?

Thanks  Rick Ricketts

04 February 2012

Corrections to Jesse G Newcomb on Rootsweb

A user named klawson46 asks:

"Hello I am trying to find out how to have some information corrected and or added to the Rootsweb tree for my great grandmother Jesse G Newcomb and grandmother Mary Auriette Losier.It says the later died in 1980 it should be about 1940 and her name is wrong.I have tried to contact the two contacts and the email addresses are no longer any good can anyone help?The other info on Grandmothers brother and sister is also incorrect as well.Can anyone help me correct this?"

01 February 2012

Simon Newcomb 1745-1776

From B.M. Newcomb's book: American Revolution: He was one of the Nova Scotia patriots in 1776, who advocated joining the revolted provinces.

26 January 2012

Simon Newcomb c. 1735 - 1821

From B.M. Newcomb's book:

"Simon, Private Capt. Joseph Smith's Co. enlisted Feb 17, 1776 service to Feb. 19, 1776 in defense of seacoast; roll dated Truro and sworn to at Eastham, also same Co. service from May 31, 1776 to Nov. 22, 1776. 5 mo. 22 days Co. sta. at Truro for defense of seacoast." He served under Washington in battle with Cornwallis.

12 January 2012

Silas Newcomb 1723-1779

From biographical sources:

Silas Newcomb served as Lieutenant in the Quebec Campaign of the French War, 1758-1759. He was appointed by the governor as one of the officers to command a regiment at Perth Amboy, N.J., on 28 Mar. 1759. Silas Newcomb was Colonel of the First Battalion of Cumberland Co., New Jersey Militia, 14 Jun 1776. He commanded a battalion of General Heard's Brigade, New Jersey Militia, at the Battle of Long Island, 28 Aug. 1776. He was promoted to Colonel of the First Battalion, Second Establishment, New Jersey Continental Line, 28 Nov. 1776, and was commissioned Brigadier-General of the New Jersey Militia, 15 Mar. 1777.

On 10 Aug 1777, Brigadier-General Silas Newcomb writes General Washington at Neshaminy Camp, Penn., that he is assembling his militia. On 11 Aug. 1777, General Washington, then near the Cross Roads, writes Brigadier-General Newcomb, New Jersey, requesting militia for Red Bank.

On 20 Aug. 1777, Brigadier-General Silas Newcomb writes General George Washington at Neshaminy Camp, requesting permission to march his detachment home; he at that time was at Woodbury, N.J.

On 10 Oct. 1777, Alexander Hamilton writes to Brigadier-General Silas Newcomb, requesting militia for Red Bank. On 15 Oct. 1777, General Washington write Brigadier-General Newcomb and orders him to reinforce Red Bank and hold the place to the last extremity. On 22 Oct. 1777, General Washington writes Brigadier-General Silas Newcomb regarding operations against Fort Mifflin and Red Bank, reinforcements of militia, supplies, etc. On 29 Oct. 1777, David Forman, near Red Bank, N.J., writes General Washington at Whiteplain of his attempt to assemble militia, "weather and Brigadier-General Silas Newcomb's obstinacy retarding."

General Silas Newcomb was in command of a force detailed to guard Delaware Bay and to prevent any landing of English forces there. Their services were commemorated and their names perpetuated by the state of New Jersey through the efforts of the Daughters of the American Revolution. A beautiful granite and marble tablet, with the names of Brigadier-General Silas Newcomb, Colonel Isaac Preston, and other officers that were in command of the colonial forces, marks the historic spot.

On 4 Dec. 1777, General Newcomb resigned his commission.

06 January 2012

Robert Newcomb b. 25 Sep 1759

From B.M. Newcomb's book:

He served in the Revolutionary War. "Robert, private, Captain John Lane's Company, Col. Foster's Regiment, enlisted 12 Jan. 1776, discharged 15 Feb. 1776, service 1 mo. 3 days, Company stationed at Cape Ann for defense of seacoast." In the casualties of the Battle of Long Island, 28 Aug. 1776, reported missing, Robert Newcomb, drummer, Col. Huntington's Regiment, 17th Continental, 1776; he was taken prisoner and never heard from afterwards; he was unmarried and perhaps died while a prisoner. "Robert, private, Captain Daniel Gidding's Company, Col. Foster's Regiments, service from 29 Feb. 1776 to date of discharge, 18 Nov. 1776, 8 mo. 18 da., Company stationed at Gloucester for defense of seacoast."

02 January 2012

Norma Newcomb and Lester/Leslie Clarke

Norma Newcomb (1891-1987) was the daughter of Amelia Elizabeth (Ziemer) and Nelson Ozro Newcomb. B.M. Newcomb said she married Lester Clark, but cemetery and census records indicate his name was Leslie Clarke (1889-1968).