20 June 2006

Susanna Edith Newcomb

A reader wrote the following: 

I am a new member. My Great Grandmother is, or was, Susanna Edith Newcomb. I have been messing around and now I know her name as Susanna. My Dad has shown me her marriage certificate to my Great grandfather, Elmer Rigg, and it does not have a reference to Susanna as she was always known as Edith. Thus her name on the certificate refers to her a s Edith Newcomb. My father is an only child. My mother is an only child. My Grandmother on mom's side had a brother ...no children. My grandfather was an only child. My granpa Rigg had a brother.....no children. As you can see, I am on a thin branch. My wifes family is very very large. I have been attracted to all her relatives as I have practically none. I know more of her relation than she does. I think having many relatives for her is taken for granted. Thank you for letting me in. I see I have alot of work to do. I would certainly appreciate a Newcomb tree if available. Please let me know? Thanks again.