29 January 2013

Grizelda Archibald married Abraham Newcomb

Grizelda Archibald (5 Mar 1812 - 5 Jul 1857) was born in Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia, and died in Upper Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, the daughter of Samuel Burke and Margaret Wallace (Dechman) Archibald. She married Abraham Newcomb (5 May 1805 - Sep 1877) 15 Jan 1830 in Upper Stewiacke. They had 11 children: Mary, Rachel, Adoniram Judson, Rosanna D., Rebecca Archibald, Janet, Abraham, Edmund Crawley, Samuel Bruke, Matthew Dickey, Elizabeth. Abraham's second wife was Margaret, the widow of Alexander Miller. Her maiden name may have been Macleod.

Information from J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb, online sources.

24 January 2013

Mary Ann Anspach Meek married James Newcomb

Mary Ann Anspach (12 May 1851 - 21 May 1897) was the daughter of Jacob and Susan (Boyer) Anspach. She married James Madison Newcomb (b. 12 Aug 1850) in 1883. It was the second marriage for both. Mary Ann and James had four children: Joseph Beach, Susannah Edith, James Franklin and Mary Augusta.

The surname of Mary Ann's first husband was Meek. James' first wife was Anna Eliza Brookhart (d. 2 Jul 1881) with whom he had two children. His third wife was Hattie Marie Hopkins (b. 26 Jun 1858). Jame and Hattie had no children together.

Information from B.M. Newcomb

19 January 2013

Charlotte Ansline married Charles Newcomb

Charlotte Ansline was born Oct 1870 in Kentucky. She married Charles Benton Newcomb (17 Sep 1867 - 26 Mar 1915) 15 Apr 1889 in St. Louis MO. They had six children: Charlotte, Ella May, Charles Benton, Myrtle Katherine, Raymond William, Elmer Melbroune. Charlotte and Charles were divorced. Her second husband was Harry B. LeRyer, whome she married around 1900. Charlotte was listed as a widow in the 1920 U.S. census.

Information from B.M. Newcomb, U.S. census records, other public records.

13 January 2013

Alida Annan married William Newcomb

Alida M. Annan was born 19 Mar 1860 in Fishkill NY, the daughter of William and Ann (Palmer) Annan. She married William Franklin Newcomb (b. 29 Sep 1862) 1 May 1884 in Fishkill. They had three children: Joseph Franklin, Hazel Marie, and Harry Irving.

09 January 2013

May Angelo married Jacob Newcomb

May Angelo was born around 1887 in Nebraska, the daughter of David and Olive Angelo. She married Jacob Roy Newcomb (b. 29 Jan 1884) 31 Jul 1907 in Portland OR. They had three children: Evelyn, Marjorie and Vernon.

Information from B.M. Newcomb and U.S. census.

05 January 2013

Ruth Andrews married Charles Newcomb

Ruth M. Andrews (19 Oct 1849 - 5 Jan 1872) was born in Medfield MA, the daughter of Joseph A. and Sarah (Adams) Andrews. She married Charles Wesley Newcomb (26 Apr 1840 - 22 Apr 1877) 21 Mar 1868 in New York NY. They had two children, Eddy Adams and Ruth Andrews.

Information from J.B. Newcomb.

02 January 2013

Lucinda Andrews married John Newcomb

Lucinda Andrews was born 7 Mar 1833 in Vermillion OH, the daughter of Lewis and Candace (Adams) Andrews. She married Abraham Phillips 7 Oct 1855. She married John Wesley Newcomb (10 Nov 1825 - 27 Oct 1876), as his second wife, 8 Oct 1864. They had a son, George Lewis Newcomb. John Wesley Newcomb's second wife was Esther Covey (1828-1864), with whom he had six children.

Information from B.M. Newcomb