30 June 2012

Jennie Adams married Frederick Newcomb

Jennie Adams (12 Mar 1874 - 8 Jun 1893) was born in Clarksville NY, the daughter of Charles Frederick and Mary Ann (Doty) Adams. She married Frederick B. Newcomb (25 Oct 1869 - 11 Dec 1906) 23 Nov 1889 in W. Clarksville NY. They had a daugher: Bessie Geraldine. Frederick's second wife, whom he married in 1896, was named Harriet.

Information from B.M. Newcomb.

28 June 2012

Mercy Barnaby married John Newcomb

Mercy Barnaby, the daughter of Timothy and Martha Barnaby, married John Newcomb (29 Jul 1720 - 13 Apr 1778) 5 Jun 1747. They had 11 children: Joseph, Benjamin, John, Catharine, Martha, Alice, Mary, Lydia, Ruth, Jonathan, Jacob. Mercy died 27 Mar 1776. John's second wife, with whom he had one child, was Deborah, a widow whose married name was Miller.

Source: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

26 June 2012

Estherline Adams married Perry Newcomb

Estherline C. Adams (b. May 1879) was born in Massachusetts, the daughter of George W. and Mary E. Adams. She married Perry Winfield Newcomb (b. 5 May 1881) around 1899. They had two children: Estherline C. and Albert J.

Information from B.M. Newcomb and census records.

24 June 2012

Emelia Berber married Levi Newcomb

Emelia Louisa Barber was born 22 Jul 1833 in Beekmantown NY, the daughter of Salmon Matthews and Mary Bingham (Felt) Barber. She married Levi Platt Newcomb (11 Jun 1821 - 2 Mar 1908), her second cousin, in Beekmantown 18 Nov 1858. They had a duaghter who died young.

Source: B.M. Newcomb

22 June 2012

Alice Winston Adams married Harry Howard Newcomb

Alice Winston Adams (b. 23 Dec 1869) was born in Winsston NJ, the daughter of William and Valona M. (Brookins) Prior. She was later adopted by Martin Adams. She married Harry Howard "Hal" Newcomb (16 Jul 1863 - 17 Nov 1941) 20 Oct 1869 in Boston MA. They had a daughter, Virginia.

Information compiled from B.M. Newcomb, census recordsd, Calif. Health Dept. records

20 June 2012

Rebecca Banker married Simon Newcomb

Rebecca Banker was born 5 Feb 1768, the daughter of John and Eleanor (Scott) Banker. She married Simon Newcomb (30 Nov 1753 - 1841), as his second wife, and had three children: Mary, Lucretia, Erexenia. Rebecca died 2 Apr 1810. Simon's first wife, with whom he had five children, was Phebe Norcross. His third wife, whom he married in 1811, was a widow whose married name was Allen.

Note: Rebecca Banker's sister Lucretia married Simon Newcomb's brother Kinner.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

18 June 2012

Ida Arabella Adair married William Fletcher Newcomb

Ida Arabella Adair (26 May 1862 - 16 Sep 1902) was born in Marysville IN and died in Berlin KS. She was the daughter of James Henry and Anna (Orth) Adair. She married William Fletcher Newcomb (9 Apr 1855 - 7 May 1953) 26 Mar 1878 in Tipton MO. Ida and William had nine children: Blanche Annette, Effie May, Olive Ethel, Harvey Taylor, Ella Marie, Harry Adair, Wilbur Frederick, Ina Bernadine, Fletcher Delos. William's second wife was Mary Elizabeth McSully.

Information compiled From J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb, census records, and Find-A-Grave.

16 June 2012

Lucretia Banker married Kinner Newcomb

Lucretia Banker was born 3 Dec 1762 in Dutchess Co. NY, the daughter of John and Eleanor (Scott) Banker. She married Kinner Newcomb (17 Aug 1756 - 6 Feb 1840) 15 Jan 1784. They had two children, Platt and Levi. Lucretia died 4 Mar 1830 in Plattsburg NY. Kinner's second wife, whom he married in 1830, was named Olive (d. 4 Jun 1854). Olive's second husband was Robins Beckwith.

Note: Lucretia Banker's sister Rebecca married Kinner Newcomb's brother Simon.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb, Find A Grave

14 June 2012

Theresa Acorn married Harmon Brunson Newcomb

Theresa Acorn married Harmon Brunson Newcomb (11 Oct 1849 - 18 Jul 1880) 20 Mar 1874. Her second husband was George Henry Doe, whom she married 22 Jun 1890.

Information from J.B. Newcomb and B.M. Newcomb.

12 June 2012

Mary Balzer married Thomas Newcomb

Mary M. Balzer was born 3 Feb 1869 in Rochester NY, the daughter of Augustus and Adelaide (Michaels) Balzer. She married Thomas Webster Newcomb (b. 13 Dec 1846), as his second wife, 7 Jun 1897. They had a son, Thomas Scott Newcomb. Mary died around 1923. Thomas's first wife, with whom he had four children, was Ella Wood (1850-1895). His third wife was Minnie Hanf.

Sources: B.M. Newcomb, J.B. Newcomb, newspaper archives

09 June 2012

Elizabeth Ackert married William Edgar Newcomb

Elizabeth Ackert married William Edgar Newcomb (27 Mar 1809 - Apr 1855) in 1831 in Pleasant Valley NY. She died in 1867. Elizabeth and William had four children: John, Virginia, Theodora, Francis.

Information compiled from J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb and census records.

07 June 2012

Rachel Caroline Abney married Stillman D. Newcomb

Rachel Caroline Abney (b. Oct. 1853) was born in Benton Co. IA. She married Stillman D. Newcomb (b. May 1852) 20 Apr 1874 in Greene Co. IA. They had seven children: Watson, Myrtle, Bertha, Nancy, Prentis, Dora, Alonzo.

Information complied from census records, WWI draft records, and Iowa marriage records.

04 June 2012

Sarah Ball married Levi Newcomb

Sarah Ann Ball was born in 1822, the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Wyer (Hall) Ball. She married Levi Newcomb (8 Feb 1822 - 1 Oct 1898) in Boston MA, 7 Jan 1844. Sarah's sister Ruth married Levi's brother William. Sarah and Levi had two children: Ann Elizabeth Newcomb and Edgar Allen Poe Newcomb. Levi's second wife, with whom he had two children, was Phebe Ann Edwards (1829-1885).

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb, DAR lineage books

02 June 2012

Sarah Abbott married Gideon Newcomb

Sarah Abbott (b. 19 Oct 1797) was born in Nelson NH, the daughter of Joshua and Huldah Abbott. She married Gideon Newcomb (4 May 1795 - 10 Sep 1838) 16 Mar 1819 in Roxbury NH. Gideon and Sarah had three daughters: Mary, Sarah and Laura.

Information from J.B. Newcomb.