27 September 2012

Harriet Allen married Elymas Newcomb

Harriet R. Allen (9 Nov 1812 - 1899) was born in Vermont. She married Elymas Sage Newcomb (4 Feb 1805 - 5 Sep 1869) 16 Sep 1832. They had two children: Francis Granger and Allen Aliakim.

Information from B.M. Newcomb and Find-A-Grave.

25 September 2012

Elizabeth Bateman married James Newcomb

Elizabeth Bateman was born around 1794, the daughter of Joseph Bateman. She married James R. Newcomb (27 Feb 1788 - 11 Aug 1866) 17 Feb 1813. They had eight children: Anna Eliza, James M., Adelia Jane, Webster, Harvey Bateman, Mariette, Joseph Dayton, Catharine A. Elizabeth died 18 Mar 1867.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

22 September 2012

Bertha Allen married Orman Newcomb

Bertha M. Allen (b. 4 Jul 1884) was born in Ohio, the daughter of John and Flora (Bishop) Allen. She married Orman Belden Newcomb (b. 20 Sep 1884) 26 Nov 1906. They had three children:Julia Emily, Gertrude Leone, and Allen John.

Information from B.M. Newcomb.

20 September 2012

Hulda Baston married Lowell Newcomb

Hulda G. Baston was born 21 Feb 1818 in Maine, the daughter of Daniel and Olive (Ring) Baston. She married Lowell Newcomb (4 Feb 1818 - 19 Mar 1849) in Westbrook ME, 25 Sep 1842. They had four children, all of whom died in childhood: Ellen, Celia, Sarah, Elizabeth. Hulda's second husband was Mark Adams.

Note: Lowell's sister Mary married Huldas's brother Winthrop.

Source: B.M. Newcomb

19 September 2012

Noah Webster and Katherine Newcomb

Noah Webster was born 9 Aug 1706 at Lebanon CT and died 20 Sep 1762 at Mansfield CT. He married Katherine Newcomb, daughter of Deacon John and Alice (Lombard) Newcomb. Katherine was born 21 May 1710, and died sometime before Oct 1755. J.B. Newcomb's genealogy indicated that Noah and Katherine had 12 children. However, the last child, Noah, was actually the child of the second wife, Elizabeth Jones, who apparently was not known to J.B. Newcomb. Noah Webster married Elizabeth Jones 2 Oct 1755 a Somers CT. At this time I do not have any further information on Elizabeth.

17 September 2012

Amelia Allen married Alexander Newcomb

Amelia Allen (b. 10 Jan 1851) was born in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, the daughter of John and Ann Allen. She married Alexander Newcomb (b. 30 Apr 1849) around 1870. They had 11 children: Mary Ellen, Wealthy J., Hugh, Horace Upton, Theodore, Ruby, Bertha J., Edith, Willis, Martha A., Carlos Alonzo.

Information from J.B. Newcomb and census records.

15 September 2012

Lydia Bassett married John Newcomb

Lydia Bassett was born 20 Sep 1757, the daughter of James and Lydia Bassett. She married John Newcomb (10 May 1749 - 4 Sep 1830) 20 Jun 1777. They had 10 children: Lydia, Mary, John, Salome, Evertt, Rachel, Le Prilete, Hannah, Gideon, Lura. Lydia died 27 Oct 1816 in Packersfield NH.

Source: J.B. Newcomb

12 September 2012

Sylvia Alfred Bronson married Thomas Newcomb

Sylvia Alfred (9 May 1778 - 15 May 1878) married, as her second husband, Thomas Newcomb (12 May 1761 - 8 Oct 1851) 9 May 1836. She was his second wife. Sylvia's first husband's surname was Bronson. Thomas Newcomb's first wife was Lucretia Webster, with whom he had 13 children. Thomas and Sylvia did not have any children together.

09 September 2012

Edith Bassett married Alvan Newcomb

Edith Bassett was born 12 Oct 1841 in Harwich MA, the daughter of Franklin and Huldah (Eldridge) Bassett. She marred Alvan Freeman Newcomb (19 Apr 1837 - 21 Jan 1912) in Brewster MA 10 Jul 1858. They had two children: Joseph Everett and Laura Annette. Edith died 11 Dec 1914.

Note: Edith's brother Burgess married Alvan's sister Ella.
Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

06 September 2012

Alonzo Wood and Lydia Hodgess

The old Newcomb genealogy said that Alonzo Wood (1808-1876, son of Allen Wood and Lucinda Newcomb) married Lydia Hodgess. However, another researcher tells me this is incorrect and that he married Aurilla Sprague.

The 1850 census for Troy OH shows Alonzo Wood, farmer, age 44, born in Massachusetts, with Lydia age 35, born in Massachusetts, and L, age 14, born in New York. The 1860 census for Troy has Alonzo Wood, age 52, born in Vermont, with Lydia, age 44, born in Massachusetts, and Lucinda O., age 24, born in New York. I found the same Alonzo, Lydia and Lucinda, still living in Troy, in the 1870 census. In the 1880 census, Lydia is a widow, still living with her daughter Lucinda, who is now Lucinda Sperry, also a widow. All of this is consistent with the information in the Newcomb books. Also interesting is that the daughter is named Lucinda, probably after Lucinda Newcomb, Alonzo's mother.

A database of New York marriage notices on Ancestry.com shows that an Alonzo Wood married Aurilla Sprague some time between 1800 and 1855. The 1850 census for Elbridge New York shows Alonzo Wood, merchant, age 42, Aurelia age 38, William age 16, Charlotte age 13, Byron age 11, Luticia age 8, all born in New York. The 1860 census for Elbridge has Alonzo, merchant age 52, living with C.C. Stevens (female), age 23, Byron age 21,Tish age 19, and William Stevens, merchant age 36, all born in New York. The 1870 census for Elbridge shows Alonzo, age 65, living in a hotel.

A contributor to Find A Grave states (no sources given) that the Alonzo Wood who married Aurilla Sprague later married Emeline Green in Rockford IL, and that he was born 6 Apr 1808 in New York and died 28 June 1887 in Illinois. The contributor states that this Alonzo's parents were Enoch Wood and Elizabeth Taylor. Given the dates and the parents, he would not be our Alonzo, whose parents were Allen Wood and Lucinda Newcomb. Additionally, some family trees on Ancestry.com indicate that the Alonzo Wood who married Aurilla Sprague was the son of Enoch and Elizabeth.

Given all this, I am of the opinion that the Newcomb books are right, and Alonzo Wood married Lydia Hodgess.

04 September 2012

Orinda Bass married Charles Newcomb

Orinda Caroline Bass was born 27 Apr 1878 in Texas, the daughter of Thomas and Arline (Wickson) Bass. She married Charles Lockey Newcomb (17 Sep 1879 - 1 Sep 1966) in Burleson Co. TX 12 Aug 1900. They had a daughter, Linnie Jane. Orinda died 9 Sep 1958 in Burleson Co. TX.

Sources: Social Security Death Index, cemetery records, U.S. Census

02 September 2012

Effie Aldrich married Daniel Newcomb

Effie Merrill Aldrich (24 Mar 1884 - 7 Jun 1968) was born in Bloomington IL and died in Denver CO. She was the daughter of Chauncey Soper and Euphemia Dixon (Van Buskirk) Aldrich. She married Daniel Edgar Newcomb 12 Jul 1906 in Monte Vista CO. They had six children: Ruth Alice, Helen May, Edgard Ephphatha, Mary Elizabeth, Chauncey Aldrich and Effie Margaret.

Information from B.M. Newcomb, census records, and online sources.