15 November 2006

I am a lost Newcomb

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Hi there

I am Originally from Montreal, Canada. My father was Eman Beck Newcomb b.1934, Montreal. His father was Webster Kent Newcomb of Ontario. How can I go about finding out more about this family on here

01 November 2006


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Seeking info on descendants of THOMAS NEWCOMB, born <1668> Kittery; married Oct 1693 Elizabeth Cooke. He is son of Andrew Newcomb and Sarah. Known children and spouses of children of THOMAS & Elizabeth are:

EDWARD b 3 Aug 1695 , Barns, Mass
THOMAS b 13 Aug 1697 Eastham, Barns, Mass; d 1764; m Hephzida Wood Aug 1720
SIMON b 30 Nov 1699
DEBORAH b <1702>; m Thomas Larkin 28 Jan 1719
MARY b 1704 Provincetown, Barns, Mass
JOSIAH b 1706
EBENEZER b <1712>; d 11 Oct 1782
JOSEPH b <1715>

19 October 2006

Franc Johnson Newcomb

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I would like to know more about the life of Franc Johnson Newcomb. I am a public school teacher at Newcomb High School in Newcomb, New Mexico on the Navajo Indian Reservation. The community of Newcomb is called Tiis ndeezhgish in Navajo. I read several of her books years ago and have only a passing knowledge of the some of the details about her life, including the fact that this community was named for the famous author and her husband who ran the Newcomb Trading Post.

I have agreed to help publish a short history of Newcomb, for a school newsletter and for a 25th Anniversary Newcomb High School Alumni CD. I would value knowing and passing along appropriate details on the life and history of Franc Johnson Newcomb.

26 September 2006

James Newcomb Lewis

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Originally posted by forum member "jocotaki".

b. 21 Sept 1799 Wellfleet, Barnstable, MA
d. 14 Sept 1836 at sea or Wellfleet
m. 21 May 1822 Wellfleet, Barnstable, MA
to Patty Lawrence STONE daughter of Jonathan Corning STONE and
Eunice BROWN

parents: Solomon LEWIS and Polly WILEY

I can't find the Newcomb connection for James. Does anyone have him in their line? I would be very grateful for any information, he is one of my "walls".

02 September 2006

Clement Newcomb

Clement Fleming Newcomb is my gr gr grandfather. He was mostly known as Flem. The censuses have all names and spellings. I do not know his father's name, but have tho't Nelson a possibility. How are you related?

20 August 2006

Arthur G. Newcomb

This is a message from Rhonda, who asked me to post her inquiry here.

I'm looking for relations of Arthur G. Newcomb. He was a sailor during WWII and listed his hometown as Los Angeles,CA. He also entered service from CA.


He was aboard the sub the USS Grunion when she disappeared on her maiden voyage in the Aleutians. It was last heard from in July 1942. the families weren't notified for about 2 months (for my own ancestor on the sub it came out in the papers on Sept 30 and Oct 1, 1942). Apparently they weren't declared dead until Aug 2, 1943. 70 men died on the submarine and nothing was ever known of it's possible fate until recently. Now a search is underway to find it by the sons of the commander and is thought to be found as of about 4 days ago. I heard from them 3 weeks ago and have joined the search underway to see if I can find others related to the sailors who died as I think it is exciting! I would also appreciate any leads on relatives of this man.

The government had his mother as Bertha T. Newcomb
US Veterans Administration, Los Angeles, CA, http://www.archives.gov/research/arc/ww2/navy-casualties/
Look for him in California and under "deaths." They aren't indexed but are alphabetical

Another person added this to my post on the rootsweb county board:
"Family members must have arranged a monument at the Los Angeles National Cemetery
Arthur G. Newcomb RM1 U.S. Navy
b. 20 Aug 1918 d. 2 Aug 1943 Interred 2 Aug 1943"

I had a relation that died on the ship also; and my grandmother always wondered what the story was because all they knew was that the Grunion disappeared on it's maiden voyage in the Aleutians. The rumor even went around that it was a cover up because they were sank by friendly fire. A few years ago, a Japanese researcher found in their records where one of their ships sank a sub off the island of Kiska in July 1942 and the only sub lost in the area at the time was the Grunion. There is a website www.ussgrunion.com It has updated info and pics about the search. Also links to many other pics of crewmembers (one pic is of the crewmembers and their wives at a party before they shipped out).

If you know of any close relations of his please contact me and/or give them the website and my email rrrstarATwmconnectDOTcom -replacing "AT" and "DOT" with the appropriate symbols of course.

Bruce Abele's email address can be accessed through the website -he is a son of of the sub's commander Mannart "Jim" Abele.

20 June 2006

Susanna Edith Newcomb

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I am a new member. My Great Grandmother is, or was, Susanna Edith Newcomb. I have been messing around and now I know her name as Susanna. My Dad has shown me her marriage certificate to my Great grandfather, Elmer Rigg, and it does not have a reference to Susanna as she was always known as Edith. Thus her name on the certificate refers to her a s Edith Newcomb. My father is an only child. My mother is an only child. My Grandmother on mom's side had a brother ...no children. My grandfather was an only child. My granpa Rigg had a brother.....no children. As you can see, I am on a thin branch. My wifes family is very very large. I have been attracted to all her relatives as I have practically none. I know more of her relation than she does. I think having many relatives for her is taken for granted. Thank you for letting me in. I see I have alot of work to do. I would certainly appreciate a Newcomb tree if available. Please let me know? Thanks again.

18 March 2006

Nelson and Clemment Newcomb

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I am looking for two Newcombs. Nelson Newcomb lived in or around Maury Co TN in 1830's. His daughter,Mary, married John Butler in 1836.

Clemment Newcomb lived about 5 house numbers down from John Butler in Maury Co, in the Spring Hill district in the 1850 Census. Clemment and Mary were close enough in age to be brother and sister or cousins. No other records found on Clemment or Nelson. John Butler has tax records. John and Mary left Maury Co and went to Scott Co Missouri in the 1860's