28 December 2005

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28 October 2005

Baptist Newcomb Book

My research on the Baptist Newcomb (c. 1640 - c. 1693) line is now available in book form. Starting with J.B. Newcomb's research into this line, this work includes corrections, updates and new information, following Baptist Newcomb's descendants into the 20th century.

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08 June 2005

More Newcombs in the Revolution

Silas Newcomb, b. 17 Apr 1723, d. 1779.

According to "Andrew Newcomb and His Descendants":

Silas Newcomb served as Lieutenant in the Quebec Campaign of the French War, 1758-1759. He was appointed by the governor as one of the officers to command a regiment at Perth Amboy, N.J., on 28 Mar. 1759. Silas Newcomb was Colonel of the First Battalion of Cumberland Co., New Jersey Militia, 14 Jun 1776. He commanded a battalion of General Heard's Brigade, New Jersey Militia, at the Battle of Long Island, 28 Aug. 1776. He was promoted to Colonel of the First Battalion, Second Establishment, New Jersey Continental Line, 28 Nov. 1776, and was commissioned Brigadier-General of the New Jersey Militia, 15 Mar. 1777.

Simon Newcomb, b. 30 Nov. 1753, d. 1841.

From "Andrew Newcomb and His Descendants":

Simon Newcomb enlisted in the Revolutionary War from Nine Partners, Jun 1776, in Capt. Melancton Smith's Co. of Rangers, Stephen Haight, Lieut., Holmes, Ensign, no Colonel; was engaged for five months at Nine Partners, Fishkill, Peekskill, and Verplanks Point in arresting and guarding Tories. While at the latter place the British ship Asia, seventy-four guns, and other smaller vessels, came up the North River and anchored opposite. His duties were transferred to watching and preventing the landing of the army until September, when ordered to White Plains, and he was employed until October in traversing the foregoing names places and on the Peekskill mountains; returned to Fishkill, thence to Poughkeepsie, to guard prisoners until the end of the month, when he was discharged at Nine Partners.

On 10 Dec. 1776 he volunteered in the same company; was discharged in February following. On 10 Aug. 1777, he volunteered in Capt. John Rouse's Co., Ingals, Lieut, Col. Graham's Regt, Gen. Glover's Brigade; marched to Stillwater and encamped on Bemis Heights; was present at the capture of the army of Gen. Burgoyne, during the battle being en Gen. Gates' Division; after Burgoyne's surrender he was ordered to Albany, then to Esopus, etc., and was discharged 10 Nov. In June and July 1778, he served under Capt. Elijah Herrick, Col. Frazer's Regt.; in 1779 in Capt. Ostram's Co., same regiment.

Thomas Newcomb b. 12 May 1761, d. 8 oct. 1851.

From "Andrew Newcomb and His Descendants":

Thomas Newcomb was ordered drafted, 23 Aug. 1777, at the age of 16, as a substitute for a Mr. Thomas, and served from 25 Aug. to 8 Oct. he was in Capt. Skinner's Co., Col. Lattimore's Regt., on the march to Stillwater, Saratoga Co., N.Y., one or two days after the battle at that place, 19 Sept.; was in the reserve during the battle of 7 Oct. with Burgoyne. After Burgoyne's surrender he marched to Red Hook where he was discharged. Just prior to 1 Jan 1778, he volunteered under Capt. Joseph Hill of Lebanon for three months; marched to Providence, R.I. and in the latter part of Feb. obtained permission to serve as marine on board the U.S. ship Warren, Capt. Hogekins; ran the blockade in the night; captured at Newport, near the Bermudas, the Neptune, a merchant vessel, and returned to Boston About 1 May. In the latter part of May shipped as marine on board the frigate Dean, Capt. Hindman, at New London, with his brother, David; absent three months; returned to Boston after capturing two merchant vessels, one a very valuable prize. He served for two months in 1779; Jan 1779 was in 4th Regt., 5th Co.; on ship Vengeance to Penobscot. He did garrison duty at Ft. Griswold, Groton, Conn., under Capt. Latham and Co. Ledyard, for three months, 1781; was discharged a few days before the fort was captured by the enemy. On 5 Aug. 1781, his brother, David, having been drafted for nine months, he acted as substitute; was enrolled at White Plains, Capt. Wright's Co., Col. Swift's Regt.; rendered service near Peekskill, and in a whale-boat on Long Island Sound; captured a sloop, and, immediately after, another armed with ten guns, making her a prize, with three other sloops, loaded with wood and forage for the British army; carried them into Stamford, Conn.

04 January 2005

Francis and Andrew Intersect

It is not known whether the immigrant ancestors Francis Newcomb and Capt. Andrew Newcomb were related.

We do know that the two lines have come together more than once, when descendants of Francis have married descendants of Andrew.

For example, Benjamin Loring Newcomb (Benjamin, Jonathan, Samuel, John, John, John, Francis) (b. 14 Jan 1834) married Abigail Wilson Colbath (Eliza, Silas, Silas, Silas, Thomas, Thomas, Andrew, Andrew) (b. 10 Jan 1843). They had at least one child, Arthur Winthrop Newcomb b. 20 Apr 1864.