30 December 2011

Reuben Newcomb 1740-1789

From B.M. Newcomb's book:

Reuben Newcomb served in the Revolutionary War as Private in the Second Battalion of New Jersey. He was wounded 18 Dec. 1776, in the Continental Army from Cumberland Co., and pensioned, 28 Dec. 1776, as "private, Militia, Col. Potter's Regiment, invalid, aged thirty-six, residing Hopewell, Cumberland Co. N.J."

20 December 2011

Paul Newcomb 1752-1794

From Sons of the American Revolution: He served in the Quartermaster's Department from Lebanon CT.

14 December 2011

Oliver Newcomb c. 1738 - c. 1821

From B.M. Newcomb's book: He was a pay sergeant in the British army in the Revolutionary War.

06 December 2011

Luther Newcomb 1762-1834

From B.M. Newcomb's book:

Luther Newcomb volunteered as a private, June or July 1778, for six months, while residing with his brother Daniel at Bernardston, later Leyden, Mass. There being no captain, the company was commanded by Lieut. Amasa Camp, afterward by Capt. E. Chapin. He was required to guard munitions and stores at Springfield, Mass., etc.; as guard, he accompanies the conveyance of stores to Boston, then to Brookfield, Mass., and remained, as guard to the magazine, until ordered to Rutland, Mass., to perform the same duty to prisoners from the army of Gen. Burgoyne; returned to Brookfield and was discharged at the end of six months. In the summer of 1779 he went back to Lebanon and became a substitute for his brother in Capt. Elias Bliss' Co., Col. Ledyard's Regt.; marched to Groton Fort, opposite New London, Conn., discharged at end of two months. In the summer of 1780 he rendered service on board the privateer sloop Randolph, Capt. Nicholas Bostwick of New London; crept out in defiance of several British frigates off Stonington blockading both harbors; passed outside of Long Island to Sandy Hook; captured the British privateer Hibernia, and re-captured a French vessel taken by the British; safely returned, after an absence of one month, with these and two small schooners, to New London. He was a pensioner under Act of 1832.

01 December 2011

Lemuel Newcomb 1757-1843

Lemuel Newcomb was in the Revolutionary War in 1776. "Lemuel, Wellfleet. Private Capt. Winslow Lewis's Co., pay abstract for mileage to and from camp at Cambridge dated Jan. 13, 1776. Mileage for 218 mailes allowed said n. also Capt. Nathaniel Winslow's Co. Col. Whitney's regt.company receipt for advance pay for 1 mo. travel, allowance from home to Boston, etc. dated Point Shirley June 13, 1776. Also petition dated Camp at Hull Sept. 17, 1776, signed by said N. and others belonging to battalion stationed at Hull, asking for increase and payment of wages."

About 15 Mar. 1776, he was in service under Capt. John Gill of Wllefleet, serving until 1 May. He sailed from Wellfleet to Plymouth, thence marched to Boston, and was stationed on Noddles Island in the harbor, arriving a short time after the evacuation of Boston. He again entered the service: "Lemuel, Private Capt. Nathaniel Winslow's (Capt. Winslow of Scituate) Co., Col. Josiah Whitney's regt. Service from April 29, 1776, four days preceeding march, to August 1, 1776. 3 mo. 2 d. Service from Aug. 1, 1776 to Nov. 1, 1776, 3. mo.", assisted in building a fort on Noddles Island; then marched to Nantucket, where he labored in erecting forst and digging a deep well.

About 1 Jan. 1779, he shipped on a schooner, 140 tons, fitted out under direction of the Board of War and commanded by Capt. Moses Lewis, to bring cargo of flour from Alexandria, Va. After having been blockaded by the enemy two or three months in Potomoc River, they sailed for Boston, but were captured by the English ship Unicorn and set on shore on Block Island, 25 June 1779.