22 December 2013

Molly Bearse married Obadiah Newcomb

Molly Bearse was born 14 Dec 1795 in New Fairfield CT, the daughter of John and Molly (Beardsley) Bearse. She married Obadiah Newcomb (1798-1840) 6 Mar 1823 in Westmoreland NY. Obadiah was the son of William and Elizabeth (Cunnabell) Newcomb. Obadiah and Molly had two children, John Bearse and Esther. Molly's sister Esther married Obadiah's brother William.

18 December 2013

Esther Atwell married Isaac Newcomb

Esther A. Atwell was born around 1835 in Vermont. She married Isaac Madison Newcomb (8 Aug 1824 - 4 Jan 1862) 1 Aug 1852. They had two children: William Stanley and James Madison. Esther's second husband was Simon B. Buxton.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, U.S. census records

12 December 2013

Nancy Attwater married Henry Newcomb

Nancy A. Attwater was born around 1856 in Illinois. She married Henry Edwin Newcomb (1852-1878) and had a son, Willis Knight Newcomb. Nancy's second husband, whom she married 19 Feb 1880 in Fulton Co. IL, was Millard F. Duncan.

Sources: Public records, online sources

07 December 2013

Clara Beauchamp married Clement Newcomb

Clara Yetter Beauchamp was born 13 Nov 1885 in Delaware, the daughter of George N. and Kate E. (Jones) Beauchamp. She married C.C. Newcomb, the son of Charles C. and Phoebe B. (Sheppard) Newcomb. His name appeared as Charles C. in the Delaware marriage records, but the license was issued to Clem. C. and the preponderance of evidence indicates he was Clement Campbell. On 23 Mar 1910, in Wilmington DE, Clara was murdered by Charles Tindall, who shot her and then himself. According to newspaper accounts, the motive was jealousy and Clara's refusal to elope with Tindall. Clement's second wife was Carrie B. (Caulk) Anderson, whom he married in 1914.

04 December 2013

Mary Beaty married Robert Newcomb

Mary M. Beaty was born 29 Oct 1890 in Arkansas, the daughter of Daniel Jefferson and Julie Ann (Moore) Beaty. She married Robert Clayborne Newcomb (1884-1969), the son of Jan Tate and Sarah F. (Landers) Newcomb. They had at least one child, a son, R.C. Newcomb. Mary died 6 Sep 1954 and was buried in Graham Cemetery, Benton AR.

01 December 2013

Alma Beattie married Arthur Newcomb

Alma F. Beattie was born 22 May 1869 in Grand Pré, Nova Scotia, the daughter of Thomas and Harriet E. (Ward) Beattie. She married Arthur Foules Newcomb (b. 1869), the son of Obadiah and Harriet Elizabeth Newcomb, 2 Oct 1869 in Grand Pré. Arthur and Alma had three children: Gladys O., Harold O., Curtis Lakeman.

27 November 2013

Rebecca Beasley married Joseph Newcomb

Rebecca Jane Beasley was married 24 Mar 1837 in Rush Co. IN, the daughter of Cornelius and Jane (Nipp) Beasley. She marred Joseph Smithers Newcomb (1830-1887), the son of John and Sarah (Smithers) Newcomb, as his second wife. They had eight children: Arinda Jane, George Cornelius, Luzettia Indiana, William David, Thomas F., Rosanna J., Charles A., Elizabeth Katherine. Their son William married his first cousin, Melissa Jane Beasley, the daughter of Rebecca's brother George. Rebecca died 23 Jan 1911 in Colorado Springs CO. Joseph's first wife was Harriet Miller, with whom he had three children.

23 November 2013

Melissa Beasley married William Newcomb

Melissa Jane Beasley was born 25 Nov 1868 in Nebraska, the daughter of George W. and Sarah Elizabeth (Turner) Beasley. She married William David Newcomb (1869-1948) 19 Apr 1895 in Colorado Springs CO. William was her first cousin, the son of Joseph Smither and Rebecca Jane (Beasley) Newcomb. He was her second husband. Her first husband's surname was McNeil, and they had a daughter, Mabel. Melissa and William had a son, Jesse Earl Newcomb. They eventually divorced.

19 November 2013


Blog comment spammers are so annoying. And so pointless. I just got nearly 100 spam comments added within a few seconds of each other on a single 7-year-old post on this blog. Of course, these comments never appeared in public because this is a moderated blog. Why do these idiots bother spamming moderated blogs? Probably, since most spam is automated, they don't even know what they are doing but just broadcast spam everywhere. The good news is, I can bulk delete the spam, so I don't have to click on each stupid comment. I could make it harder for the idiots by adding a word verification puzzle to the comments. I've never wanted to bother my readers with that, but now that I am getting more and more ridiculous spam on the blog, I may do it. I know it won't stop all of them; some pathetic spammers actually upload their phony comments by hand. But it would stop the ones that use automation to upload 100 comments per minute.

17 November 2013

Louise Bearse married Theodore Newcomb

Louise Adelaide Bearse was born 2 Jun 1866 in Mashpee MA, the daughter of Nathaniel Doane and Olive Gould (Pells) Bearse. She married Theodore Freeman Newcomb (b. 12 Sep 1861) 27 Mar 1884 in Mashpee. Theodore was the son of Ebenezer Freeman and Theresa (Folma) Newcomb. Theodore and Louise had six children: Amos T., Laura Frances, John Wesley, Theresa Louise, Cedric Earl, Theodore J. Theodore's second wife was Elizabeth Morse (b. 1864), whom he married in 1894. They had four children.

14 November 2013

Esther Bearse married William Newcomb

Esther Bearse was born 21 Apr 1879 in New Fairfield CT, the daughter of John and Molly (Beardsley) Newcomb. She married William Newcomb (1791-1876) 7 May 1816 in Westmoreland NY. William was the son of William and Elizabeth (Cunnabell) Newcomb. William and Esther had a daughter, Elizabeth. Esther died 12 Feb 1852 in Westmoreland NY. William's second wife was Mary Pratt, whom he married in 1852. Esther's sister Molly married William's brother Obadiah.

11 November 2013

Ada Bearse married William Newcomb

Ada Bearse was born in 1850, the daughter of Edward F. and Elizabeth H. Bearse. She married William Newcomb (1850-1911) 17 May 1892, as his second wife. William was the son of Nathaniel and Hannah (Taylor) Newcomb. William and Ada do not appear to have had any children. William's first wife was Henrietta Burlingame, with whom he had a son.

08 November 2013

Minnie Beardsley married Ezra Newcomb

Minnia Alida Beardsley was born 1 Oct 1853 in Rushville NY, the daughter of Roswell E. and Susan (Millard) Beardsley. She married Ezra Butler Newcomb (1852-1936) 31 May 1876 in Indianapolis IN. Ezra was the son of Horatio Cooley and Eliza (Pabody) Newcomb. Ezra and Minnie had three children: Philip Butler, Horatio Millard, and Theodore Andrew.

05 November 2013

Marcia Beach married James Newcomb

Marcia Beach was born 8 Jun 1801 in Litchfield CT, the daughter of Herman and Clarissa (Kilbourn) Beach. She married James Covell Newcomb (1796-1880) 1 Jul 1819 in Litchfield. James was the son of William and Artemsia (Guild) Newcomb. Marcia and James had eleven children: James Beach, Clarissa Artemesia, Sarah Abigail, Harriet Marcia, Henry William, George Wallace, Mary Marana, Sarah Abigail (same name given after the first one died), Ellen Agnes, Franklin Astley, Kate Inez. Marcia died 6 Oct 1885.

02 November 2013

Anna Bayes married Lt. Andrew Newcomb

Anna Bayes was born around 1658, the daughter of Thomas and Anna (Baker) Bayes. She married Lt. Andrew Newcomb around 1676. Lt. Andrew is believed to the the son of Capt. Andrew Newcomb (ca. 1616 - 1696), the immigrant ancestor of the largest branch of the Newcomb family in North America, and his first wife (name unknown). Anna and Andrew had eight children: Anna, Elizabeth, Joseph, Emeline, Tabitha, Zerviah and Mary. Anna died in 1731 in Edgartown MA. Andrew's second wife was Sarah, with whom he had seven children.

30 October 2013

Lucy Baxter married William Newcomb

Lucy Ella Baxter was born 1 Jan 1857 in Enfield ME, the daughter of John Henry and Sally Jane (Bragdon) Baxter. She married William Henry Newcomb (1848-1925) 17 Mar 1877 in Presque Isel ME. William was the son of Robert and Lydia (Lisherness) Newcomb. William and Lucy had a son, Charles Sumner Newcomb (1878-1967). Lucy died of pneumonia in April 1882, in Aroostook Co. ME.

27 October 2013

Almira Baxter married Hiram Newcomb

Almira Baxter was born 18 March 1815 in Tolland CT., the daughter of Simon and Mary (Chapman) Baxter. She married Hiram Newcomb (1810-1889) 1 January 1831. Almira died 18 January 1890 and was buried in South Yard Cemetery, Tolland. Almira and Hiram had nine children: Charles Leonard, George Hiram, Norman Simeon, Lucius H., Martha A., Julia Ann, Amanda B., Samuel C., Addie E.

24 October 2013

Elizabeth Aldridge married Colba Newcomb

Elizabeth Aldridge (2 Dec 1816 - 14 Oct 1892) was born in Ciaro NY and died in New York state. She was the daughter of Herrick and Elizabeth Aldridge. She married Colba Reed Newcomb (10 Jan 1817 - 8 Jun 1892) around 1844. They had four children: Albert, Rodolph, Melden and Frances.

Information from J.B. Newcomb, U.S. census and Find-A-Grave.

21 October 2013

Jennie Ball married Lucius Newcomb

Jennie Belle Ball was born in 1881 in Wisconsin, the daughter of Charles S. and Mary E. (Walker) Ball. She married Lucius Earl Newcomb (b. 28 Jul 1880) in Perry Center NY 17 Sep 1902. They had two children: Melvin Corydon and Lois Eileen.

Source: B.M. Newcomb

17 October 2013

Diantha Ball married Jabez Newcomb

Diantha Ball was born around 1790 and died Mar 1862. She married Jabez Newcomb (c. 1790 - Jul 1831) and had four children: Celestia, Mary, Betsey Ann, Benjamin. Diantha's second husband was Jonathan Ellsworth.

Source: J.B. Newcomb

13 October 2013

Elizabeth Baldwin married Joseph Newcomb

Elizabeth Jane Baldwin was born 4 Feb 1832 in Vermont, the daughter of Ebenezer and Elizabeth Baldwin. She married Joseph Bullock Newcomb (b. 24 Aug 1828) in Vernon IN 12 Oct 1849. They had five children: Charles Everett, Leland Laurenz, Horatio H., Lectania May, Ella Luena.

Source: B.M. Newcomb

09 October 2013

Chloe Baldwin married Moses Newcomb

Chloe Baldwin was born 3 Mar 1830 in Hamilton, Ontario, the daughter of Daniel Baldwin. She died 15 Oct 1866. Chloe married Moses Newcomb (22 Nov 1819 - 11 Dec 1888) and had six children: David Henry, William, Moses, Sarah Ann, John, Chloe. Moses's second wife, whom he married in 1867, was Nancy Mead (1832-1895).

Source: B.M. Newcomb

05 October 2013

Rebecca Baker married Eliakim Newcomb

Rebecca Baker was born 4 Mar 1855 in Howard, Ontario, the daughter of Michael and Jane Baker. She married Eliakim Newcomb (27 Nov 1844 - 20 Dec 1928) 14 Aug 1876. She died 2 Feb 1909 in Kent Co. Ontario. Rebecca and Eliakim had three children: George E., Ethel Minerva Jane, and Roy Ernest. They were buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Ridgetown, Ontario.

Sources: B.M. Newcomb, Find A Grave

01 October 2013

Pauline Baker married Daniel Newcomb

Pauline Mayo Baker was born 28 Nov 1830, the daughter of Joseph and Jane (Hamblin) Baker. She married Daniel Young Newcomb (10 Jan 1828 - 21 Aug 1916) 13 Jul 1859. They had three children: Daniel Edson, Charles Ellsworth, Myra May.

Source: B.M. Newcomb

30 September 2013

Lillian Baker married Leroy Newcomb

Lillian A. Baker was born 24 Apr 1876 in Kingston, Ontario, the daughter of John and Mary (Andrews) Baker. She married Leroy Vernon Newcomb (10 Aug 1873 - 1939) in Kingston 6 Sep 1899. They had four children: Helen Frances, Ralph Vernon, Ronald Baker, Elinor Katherine. Lillian died in 1932.

Sources: B.M. Newcomb, Find A Grave

26 September 2013

Grace Baker married Edward Newcomb

Grace L. Baker was born Nov 1899, the daughter of Sam and Laura Baker. She married Edward Newcomb (5 Jan 1890 - 4 Feb 1941) around 1902. They had five children. She died 1 Nov 1990 in Furnas Co. NE.

Sources: Draft registration cards, U.S. census records, Find A Grave

22 September 2013

Emma Baker married Scott Newcomb

Emma C. Baker was born 11 Sep 1872 in Canada, the daughter of Albert and Margaret (McLeod) Baker. She married Scott Campbell Newcomb (21 Aug 1871 - 31 Dec 1901) 17 May 1897 in Woburn MA. They had two children, Eleanor Gertrude and Dorothy Scott.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

18 September 2013

Edith Baker married Edgar Newcomb

Edith G. Baker was the daughter of Sylvanus and Polly Baker. She married Edgar Everett Newcomb (b. 6 Oct 1854) 7 Apr 1878 in New York. They had a daughter, Inez M.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

13 September 2013

Blanche Baker married Giles Newcomb

Blanche M. Baker was born in 1858 in Oriskany Falls NY, the daughter of T.D. and Perscilla (Silliman) Baker. She married Giles Newcomb (b. 2 May 1855) 27 Mar 1877 in Oriskany Falls. They had five children: Maud C., Clarence E., Charles Arthur, Carl L., Mae I.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb and B.M. Newcomb

07 September 2013

Rachel Bain married Thadius Newcomb

Rachel A. Bain was born Mar 1851 in Alabama, the daughter of John LaFate and Nancy (Cooksey) Bain. She married Thadius Creath Newcomb (c. 1838 - 19 May 1913), as his second wife, around 1892. Rachel died in September 1932. Thadius's first wife, with whom he had seven children, was Matilda J. Williams (c. 1851 - 23 Apr 1891).

Sources: Newcomb Family website, U.S. Census records, Find A Grave

02 September 2013

Jane Bailey married Ralph Newcomb

Jane E. Bailey was born around 1817 in Pennsylvania, and died 9 Feb 1910 in Nicholson PA. She married Ralph Newcomb (22 Mar 1821 - May 1860) 30 Apr 184 in Bolton CT. They had three children: Mary J., Orestus H., George W. Jane's second husband, whom she married 16 Mar 1861, was Clermont Stanton. They had a daughter, Carrie S.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

28 August 2013

Cora Bailey married Walter Newcomb

Cora Dana Bailey was born 16 Oct 1862 in Scituate MA, the daughter of Joseph and Mary L. (Sanborn) Bailey. She married Walter Thomas Newcomb (b. 24 Oct 1856) 26 Nov 1882 in Scituate. They had a son, Lewis Bailey.

Source: B.M. Newcomb

22 August 2013

Clara Bailey married George Newcomb

Clara Margaret Bailey was born around 1904 in Minnesota, and died Sep 1984. She married George Newcomb (11 Aug 1886 - 1954) as his second wife, 14 Oct 1919 in Union Co. SD. They had a son, Charles Wesley Newcomb. George's first wife, with whom he had three children, was Eva Zenor (b. 1886).

Sources: B.M. Newcomb, public records

17 August 2013

Abigail Bailey married Daniel Newcomb

Abigail Bailey was born 19 Apr 1785 in Lebanon CT, the daughter of Saxton and Lois (Hunt) Bailey. She married Daniel Newcomb (10 Aug 1782 - 9 Nov 1865) 6 Sep 1802 in Lebanon. They had 10 children: Edwin, Cynthia, Saxton Bailey, Daniel Franklin, Lucina, Sophronia, Silas, Sophia, Janette (died as infant), Janette. Abigail died 15 Jun 1849 in Madison WI. Daniel's second wife, whom he married in 1849, was Fanny Saunders (b. 1799, Rhode Island). Fanny's first husband was Robert Williams.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

12 August 2013

Naomi Bagley married Nelson Newcomb

Naomi Bagley was born 17 Feb 1845 in Rockingham VT, the daughter of Curtis and Sarah (Proctor) Bagley. She married Nelson Charles Newcomb (1 Jan 1843 - 15 Nov 1930) 15 Apr 1863. They had five children: Marry Florence, Lizzie, Hollis N., Martha Amanda, Lura A. Naomi died 24 Jun 1902. Nelson's second wife, whom he married 5 Sep 1908, was Naomi's sister Sarah Jeanette (10 Jan 1854 - 24 Jan 1938).

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb, death certificates.

07 August 2013

Lula Baggett married Charles Newcomb

Lula Ann Baggett was born 8 Feb 1871 in Dripping Springs TX, the daughter of Silas and Betty Baggett. She married Charles Craig Newcomb (19 Apr 1855 - 2 Jun 1943) 24 Dec 1890 in Kent co. TX. They had six children: Gus Charles, Mary Frances, John, Ernest, Irena, Robert Lee. Lula died 29 Oct 1966 in Spearman TX.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, obituaries, death certificates, online databases

01 August 2013

Lillian Backus married Arthur Newcomb

Lillian Backus was the daughter of Charles and Emily Backus. She married Arthur Maynard Newcomb (16 May 1865 - 28 Sep 1947) 28 Nov 1901. They had a daughter, Emily Blanche.

Source: B.M. Newcomb

27 July 2013

Narcissa Babcock married Luther Newcomb

Narcissa Babcock was born 13 Oct 1786 in Vermont and died 29 Mar 1871 in Mattoon IL. She married Luther Newcomb (13 Apr 1786 - 28 Nov 1827) 18 Jan 1807 in Shoreham VT. They had nine children: Frederick Laribee, John Knight, Luther, Lorain, Mary, William Needham, Amelia, Calvin, Oliver Ingraham. Narcissa's second husband was Franklin Clark.

Source: J.B. Newcomb

21 July 2013

Sarah Babbitt married Everett Newcomb

Sarah B. Babbitt was born 2 Oct 1791 in New Hampshire, the daughter of Nathan and Anne (Newcomb) Babbitt. A descendant of Francis Newcomb, she married her second cousin, Everett Newcomb (3 Jun 1786 - 10 Sep 1836) as his second wife, 8 Apr 1834. Sarah died 19 Jun 1873. Everett's first wife, with whom he had five children, was Hannah Buckminster (1794-1830).

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, Babbitt Family History

16 July 2013

Abigail Babbitt married Annas Newcomb

Abigail Babbitt was born 31 Mar 1764 in Norton MA, the daughter of Nathan and Abigail (Cobb) Babbitt. She married Annas Newcomb (25 Mar 1762 - 5 Aug 1823) 18 Dec 1783. Abigail's brother Nathan married Annas's sister Anne. Annas became Abigail's stepbrother upon the marriage of their widowed parents, Nathan Babbitt and Judith (Pratt) Newcomb. Annas and Abigail had eight children: Annas, Abigail, Sarah Wild, Ruth Washburn, Mary, Joseph, Anna, Nathan Babbitt. Abigail died 16 Mar 1847.

Sources: Genealogical Memoir of the Newcomb Family,The Babbitt Family History

11 July 2013

Eliza Babb married Eben Newcomb

Eliza Babb was born 6 Mar 1809 in Buxton ME, the daughter of Peter and Thanksful (Bangs) Babb. She died 8 Sep 1853. She married Eben Lewis Newcomb (5 Nov 1800 - Nov 1878) 15 Dec 1833. They had seven children: Emily Adelaide, George Hay, Theresa Maria, Calista Abigail, Charles Appleton, Levi Sawyer, Elizabeth Rowena. Eben's second wife, whom he married 1 Apr 1856, was Olive Chapman.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

06 July 2013

Theora Ayer married William Newcomb

Theora Jane Ayer was born 7 May 1854 in Sackville, New Brunswick, the daughter of James and Ruth M. (Calhoun) Ayer. She married William Alder Newcomb (b. 2 Jan 1850) 1 Jan 1884 in Hopewell, New Brunswick. They had five children: Archie, Seward Ayer, James Andrew, Charles Spurgeon, Clements Calhoun.

Source: B.M. Newcomb

01 July 2013

Mabel Ayer married Frank Newcomb

Mabel Ayer was born 14 Jul 1885 in Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick, the daughter of Charles and Claudina (Dixon) Ayer. She married Frank B. Newcomb (b. 1 May 1878) 15 Aug 1902 in Hopewell Cape. They had three children: Elsie Louise, Gilbert Andrew, and Claude Ayer.

Source: B.M. Newcomb

26 June 2013

Emaline Axtell married Rufus Newcomb

Emaline Axtell was born Mar 1869 in Wisconsin, the daughter of Milton Blachley and Emaline (McMichael) Axtell. She died in 1951 in Pepin Co. WI. She married Rufus D. Newcomb (Aug 1856 - 1934) around 1899. They had five children: Adah C., Kenneth A., Janet, Robert D., Margaret.

Sources: U.S. Census records, Find A Grave

25 June 2013

Lydia Avery married George Newcomb

Lydia A. Avery was born 9 Oct 1845 in Jewett NY, the daughter of Daniel B. and Susn E. Avery. She married George Austin Newcomb (8 Jul 1843 - 18 Jul 1908) 8 Mar 1865 in Jewett. They had four children: George D., Austin R., Grover C., Mary W.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb and B.M. Newcomb

21 June 2013

Lucy Avery married John Newcomb

Lucy Jane Avery was born 3 Jun 1878 at Birkner Station IL, the daughter of Edward and Sarah Ann (Moore) Avery. She married John Wesley Newcomb Jr. (b. 10 Jul 1880) 5 Jun 1908 in Hillsboro IL. They had three children: Foneta Avery, Vivian Louise, John Wesley.

Source: B.M. Newcomb

16 June 2013

Pauline Austin married Willard Newcomb

Pauline Austin was born 2 Jul 1909 in White Co. IL, the daughter of Theron and Virginia (Bailey) Austin. She married Willard Newcomb (20 Apr 1907 - 11 Nov 1991) 23 Jul 1927 in Vanderburgh Co. IN. They had three children.

Sources: Social Security Death Index, online database records

08 June 2013

Mehitabel Austin married Elias Newcomb

Mehitable Austin was born around 1816 in Vermont, the daughter of William and Ruth Austin, and died 18 Jan 1881 in Augusta IL. She married Elias Parmenter Newcomb (19 Nov 1807 - 1 Jan 1868) 3 Mar 1831 in Colchester VT. They had a son, Francis Wallace Newcomb. Mehitabel's second husband, whom she married 2 Nov 1871, was Jacob Hollis.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

04 June 2013

Jane Austin married Alonzo Newcomb

Jane M. Austin was born 28 Nov 1834 in New York and died 9 Jan 1915 in De Peyster NY. She married Alonzo Newcomb (26 Apr 1836 - 20 Jun 1913) 2 Jul 1862 in De Peyster. They had two children, Grace May and George Austin.

Sources: Personal contacts

30 May 2013

Aurelia Austin married Lucius Newcomb

Aurelia L. Austin was born 22 Oct 1845 and died 17 Jun 1893 in Auburn CA. She was the daughter of William and Phebe (Kimball) Austin. She married Lucius Stephen Newcomb (21 May 1844 - 13 Oct 1887) 6 Oct 1866 in Perry Center NY. They had a son, Lucius Earl Newcomb.

Source: J.B. Newcomb

23 May 2013

Patience Augustine married Burton Newcomb

Patience Augustine was born 1 Jul 1889 in Wilmington KS, the daughter of John Jacob and Lida (Therburn) Augustine. She married Burton Edgar Newcomb (17 Aug 1875 - 4 Feb 1943) 6 Jul 1908 in Beaumont TX. They had a son: Burton Edgar Newcomb Jr.

Source: B.M. Newcomb

17 May 2013

Rose Aud married Lewis Newcomb

Rose Etta Aud (13 Jan 1873 - 26 Aug 1937) was born in White Co. IL, the daughter of John and Martha Ann (Hart) Aud. She married Lewis Newcomb (8 Aug 1869 - 16 Nov 1955) 23 Mar 1892 in White Co. They had 10 children: Bessie, Corbet Clayton, Julius Dexter, Laurence Elvis, Thoeodore, Roy C., Willard, Aaron Eugene, Lura Mae, Noel Charles. Lewis's second wife, whom he married 1 Apr 1938, was Etta Downen (19 Aug 1882 - 23 Aug 1967).

Sources: Public records, online databases

12 May 2013

Henrietta Atzback married Dell Newcomb

Henrietta Marie Atzback was born 30 Dec 1894 in Nebraska and died 22 Nov 1985. She married Dell Livingston Newcomb (3 Apr 1890 - 11 May 1959) 15 Oct 1919 in St. Anthony ID. They had two children: Doris and Darrell.

Source: WWI draft registrations, U.S. census records, other public records, Find A Grave

07 May 2013

Rachel Atwood married Simon Newcomb

Rachel Atwood, daughter of Christopher Atwood, married Simon Newcomb (4 Jan 1800 - 9 Aug 1860), as his second wife, 16 Aug 1832. They had three children: Leverett, Benjamin F., Samuel A. Simon's first wife, with whom he had three children, was Mary Higgins (1802-1832). Rachel's second husband, whom she married 5 Mar 1867, was Samuel Rider. Rachel died 23 Sep 1867 in Boston MA.

Source: J.B. Newcomb

02 May 2013

Mehitable Atwood married Reuben Newcomb

Mehitable Atwood was born around 1851, the daughter of James and Thankful (Young) Atwood, and died in 1816. She married Capt. Reuben Newcomb 26 Jan 1769. They had 12 children: Jonathan, Peter, Reuben, Mehitable, Polly, James, Jemima, Mercy, Joanna, Thankful, Harriet, Dorcas.

Source: J.B. Newcomb

28 April 2013

Lucy Atwood married Thomas Newcomb

Lucy J. Atwood was born 29 Apr 1829 in Wellfleet MA, the daughter of Joshua and Jane (Lewis) Atwood, and died 2 Dec 1896. She married Thomas Emery Newcomb (27 Jun 1828 - 17 Jan 1899) 25 Nov 1849 in Wellfleet. They had three children: Charles Warren, Lucy Emery and Almira T.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb and B.M. Newcomb.

21 April 2013

Hannah Atwood married Calvin Newcomb

Hannah Atwood was born around 1830, the daughter of David Atwood, and died 13 Apr 1900. She married Calvin Newcomb (13 Nov 1827 - 28 Jul 1889) 30 Aug 1852. They had two children: Walter Irving and Edgar Osgood.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb and B.M. Newcomb

16 April 2013

Eunice Atwood married Isaac Newcomb

Eunice Young Atwood was born 14 Mar 1840 in Massachusetts, the daughter of Harding and Dorcas (Chipman) Atwood. She died 15 Jan 1911. She married Isaac Baker Newcomb (b. 26 Aug 1838) 20 Nov 1860 in Wellfleet MA. They had two children, Martha W. and Almira F.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb and B.M. Newcomb

11 April 2013

Cordelia Atwood married Freeman Newcomb

Cordelia S. Atwood was born 19 Sep 1834 in Wellfleet MA, the daughter of Elijah W. and Grace Harding (Newcomb) Atwood. She died 7 Dec 1871. Cordelia married Freeman Lewis Newcomb (21 Aug 1829 - 21 Nov 1903) 20 Nov 1853 in Plymouth MA. They were third cousins. They had five children: Martha J., Sarah Eglentine, Lottie Maria, George Washington, Warren K.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb and B.M. Newcomb

02 April 2013

Seeking Elizabeth Sarah "Sally" Newcombe North

A reader is looking for information on his ancestor, Elizabeth Sarah "Sally" Newcombe, who married Abiel North around 1803. They lived and raised their family for many years in Ceres Township, McKean County, Pennsylvania. She died in 1877 and she and her husband are buried in Bell Run Cemetery in Bradford, McKean County, Pennsylvania. Their first son's name was Abiel and their second son's name was Newcombe.

Perhaps someone here knows something about her parents and ancestry.

28 March 2013

Mary Atkinson married Eleazer Newcomb

Mary Atkinson was born 13 Nov 1844 in Kentucky, the daughter of John and Lucinda Atkinson. She died 23 May 1905 in New York NY. She married Eleazer Burbank Newcomb (10 Oct 1822 - 18 Jul 1890), as his second wife, 21 Apr 1864. They had two children, David Burbank and Mary Ellen. Eleazer's first wife, with whom he had a son, was Ellen M. Singleton (1835-1862).

Sources: J.B. Newcomb and B.M. Newcomb

22 March 2013

Caroline Atkins married Darius Newcomb

Caroline R. Atkins was botn Aug 1837 in Massachusetts and died 12 Sep 1901. She married Darius Allen Martin Newcomb (28 Jun 1834 - 11 May 1911) 17 Mar 1858 in Wellfleet MA. They had eight children: Leonora A., Richard Higgins, Carrie M., Allen Martin, Carrie Eva, Henry Franklin, Nan Waterman, Anna Martin.

Source: B.M. Newcomb

17 March 2013

Alice Arnold married Sutton Newcomb

Alice Arnold was born May 1854 in Iowa. She married Sutton P. Newcomb (b. 29 Apr 1841) around 1881, as his second wife. They had five children: Robert, Harry Bennett, Florence E., Frank Almon. Sutton's first wife was Alice Beulah Humeston (1842-1881), with whom he had three children.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, U.S. census records, Find A Grave

12 March 2013

Addie Arnold married George Newcomb

Addie Arnold was born Aug 1867 in Massachusetts, the daughter of Orlando Arnold. She married George Newcomb (b. Jun 1865) around 1889. They had two children, Blanche E. and Howard Hamilton.

Source: U.S. census records.

08 March 2013

Lydia Bassett and John Newcomb

Lydia Bassett was born 20 Sept. 1757. She married John Newcomb (10 May 1749 - 4 Sep 1830) on 20 June 1877. They had 10 children. John was the son of Benjamin and Mary (Everett) Newcomb. According to the old Newcomb genealogy, Lydia's parents were James and Lydia Bassett. However, Jeffrey Bassett recently contacted me with the information that Lydia's parents were William and Lydia (Fisher) Basset. Some research into Massachusetts town records supports this information, and I am making the change in my database.

07 March 2013

Lucie Arnaud married Thomas Newcomb

Lucie Higgins Arnaud was born 2 Aug 1860 in Wellfleet MA, the daughter of Raymond C. and Hannah Harding (Newcomb) Arnaud. She married Thomas Willard Newcomb (Feb 1859 - 12 Nov 1913) 19 Oct 1893 in Wellfleet. Descendants of Lt. Andrew Newcomb, Lucie and Thomas were distant (6th) cousins. They had a son, Henry Warren Newcomb.

Information from B.M. Newcomb.

03 March 2013

Sarah Armstrong married Harry Newcomb

Sarah Elizabeth Armstrong was born 6 Jun 1870 in American Fork UT, the daughter of John and Mary Ellen (Wilson) Armstrong. She married Harry Dale Newcomb (b. 24 Aug 1866) 4 Jul 1902 in Aztec NM. They had a son, Harry Armstrong Newcomb.

Information from B.M. Newcomb.

27 February 2013

Matilda Armstrong married Orlando Newcomb

Matilda Armstong (c. 1812 - 3 Jul 1854) was born in New York and died in Waverly MI, the daughter of Ebenezer and Sally (Barnum) Armstrong. She married Orlando H. Newcomb 2 Jun 1844. Their son, Melvin, died in infancy. Orlando's second wife Was Elizabeth Ann Austin (b. 1835) with whom he had eight children.

Information from J.B. Newcomb.

21 February 2013

Mary Ann Armbrister married William Newcomb

Mary Ann Armbrister (c. 1805 - 27 Jul 1874) was born in Virginia and died in Pana IL. She married William Augustine Newcomb around 1829, as his second wife. They had nine children: Sarah Catharine, Eliza Jane, Tarynina Ann, James William, Mary Ann, Charfles Hiram, William Henry Rives, Joseph Lewis, Thomas Jefferson. William's first wife was Hulda Cummings (d. 6 Jul 1867) with whom he had three children.

Information from B.M. Newcomb.

16 February 2013

Mary Arey married Benjamin Newcomb

Mary Allen Arey (7 Jul 1834 - 29 Sep 1920) was born and died in Wellfleet MA, the daughter of Asa P. and Betsey Arey. She married Benjamin Oliver Newcomb (18 Aug 1826 - 16 Apr 1898) 24 Mar 1852 in Wilbraham MA. They had four children: Oliver Bailey, Mary Allen Arey, Elsie Packard, Cecil Emery.

Information from B.M. Newcomb and census records.

11 February 2013

Lydia Arey married Lemuel Newcomb

Lydia Arey, who was born around 1757 and died 9 May 1813 in Wellfleet MA, married Capt. Lemuel Newcomb (11 Jun 1756 - 22 Apr 1821) 8 Sep 1778. They had seven children: Nathaniel Arey, Sarah, Lydia, Solomon, Bethiah (died as an infant), Bethiah, Hannah. Lemuel's mother's maiden name was Experience Arey; it's possible that Lemuel and Lydia were cousins. Lemuel's second wafe, with whom he had no children, was Joanna (Young) Pierce (1765-1841).

Information from J.B. Newcomb and B.M. Newcomb.

06 February 2013

Experience Arey married Simeon Newcomb

Experience Arey, who died 6 Feb 1807 in Wellfleet MA, married Capt. Simeon Newcomb (c. 1723 - bef. 8 Mar 1786) 1 Apr 1755, as his second wife. They had eight children: Lemuel, Jemima, Hannah, Richard, Deliverance, Elisha, Sabra, Lydia. Simeon's first wife was Mercy Brown, with whom he had three children.

Note: Simeon, the son of Simon Newcomb and Lydia Brown, had a brother named Simon, and the two have sometimes been confused with each other.

Information from J.B. Newcomb and New England Historical Genealogical Society.

02 February 2013

Olive Mae Archibald married Leon Newcomb

Olive Mae Archibald (1 Jan 1887 - 17 Nov 1988) was born in Convoy OH, the daughter of Calvin and Lorena Frances (Riley) Archibald. She married Leon Edwin Newcomb (21 Aug 1882 - 8 Apr 1955) 5 Feb 1905 in Vestaburg MI. They had a daughter, Kathrene Leone.

Information from B.M. Newcomb and Find A Grave.

29 January 2013

Grizelda Archibald married Abraham Newcomb

Grizelda Archibald (5 Mar 1812 - 5 Jul 1857) was born in Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia, and died in Upper Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, the daughter of Samuel Burke and Margaret Wallace (Dechman) Archibald. She married Abraham Newcomb (5 May 1805 - Sep 1877) 15 Jan 1830 in Upper Stewiacke. They had 11 children: Mary, Rachel, Adoniram Judson, Rosanna D., Rebecca Archibald, Janet, Abraham, Edmund Crawley, Samuel Bruke, Matthew Dickey, Elizabeth. Abraham's second wife was Margaret, the widow of Alexander Miller. Her maiden name may have been Macleod.

Information from J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb, online sources.

24 January 2013

Mary Ann Anspach Meek married James Newcomb

Mary Ann Anspach (12 May 1851 - 21 May 1897) was the daughter of Jacob and Susan (Boyer) Anspach. She married James Madison Newcomb (b. 12 Aug 1850) in 1883. It was the second marriage for both. Mary Ann and James had four children: Joseph Beach, Susannah Edith, James Franklin and Mary Augusta.

The surname of Mary Ann's first husband was Meek. James' first wife was Anna Eliza Brookhart (d. 2 Jul 1881) with whom he had two children. His third wife was Hattie Marie Hopkins (b. 26 Jun 1858). Jame and Hattie had no children together.

Information from B.M. Newcomb

19 January 2013

Charlotte Ansline married Charles Newcomb

Charlotte Ansline was born Oct 1870 in Kentucky. She married Charles Benton Newcomb (17 Sep 1867 - 26 Mar 1915) 15 Apr 1889 in St. Louis MO. They had six children: Charlotte, Ella May, Charles Benton, Myrtle Katherine, Raymond William, Elmer Melbroune. Charlotte and Charles were divorced. Her second husband was Harry B. LeRyer, whome she married around 1900. Charlotte was listed as a widow in the 1920 U.S. census.

Information from B.M. Newcomb, U.S. census records, other public records.

13 January 2013

Alida Annan married William Newcomb

Alida M. Annan was born 19 Mar 1860 in Fishkill NY, the daughter of William and Ann (Palmer) Annan. She married William Franklin Newcomb (b. 29 Sep 1862) 1 May 1884 in Fishkill. They had three children: Joseph Franklin, Hazel Marie, and Harry Irving.

09 January 2013

May Angelo married Jacob Newcomb

May Angelo was born around 1887 in Nebraska, the daughter of David and Olive Angelo. She married Jacob Roy Newcomb (b. 29 Jan 1884) 31 Jul 1907 in Portland OR. They had three children: Evelyn, Marjorie and Vernon.

Information from B.M. Newcomb and U.S. census.

05 January 2013

Ruth Andrews married Charles Newcomb

Ruth M. Andrews (19 Oct 1849 - 5 Jan 1872) was born in Medfield MA, the daughter of Joseph A. and Sarah (Adams) Andrews. She married Charles Wesley Newcomb (26 Apr 1840 - 22 Apr 1877) 21 Mar 1868 in New York NY. They had two children, Eddy Adams and Ruth Andrews.

Information from J.B. Newcomb.

02 January 2013

Lucinda Andrews married John Newcomb

Lucinda Andrews was born 7 Mar 1833 in Vermillion OH, the daughter of Lewis and Candace (Adams) Andrews. She married Abraham Phillips 7 Oct 1855. She married John Wesley Newcomb (10 Nov 1825 - 27 Oct 1876), as his second wife, 8 Oct 1864. They had a son, George Lewis Newcomb. John Wesley Newcomb's second wife was Esther Covey (1828-1864), with whom he had six children.

Information from B.M. Newcomb