27 July 2011

Joseph Newcomb b. 7 Mar 1749

From DAR lineage books:

American Revolution: He served as a private in Capt. Matthias Tobey's company, Col. Aaron Williard's regiment.

20 July 2011

More Name Statistics

From my database -

People named Newcomb (Newcombe, etc.) whose spouse was named Smith - 141
Spouse named Brown - 78
Spouse named Jones - 60
Spouse named Johnson - 57
Spouse named Williams - 47

Those who married another Newcomb - 88

18 July 2011

Newcombe vs. Newcomb

B.M. Newcomb wrote that the name is usually spelled Newcombe in Canada and Newcomb in the U.S. That is largely correct, but the use of the final e occurs in the states, especially as we go further back in history. Nevertheless, both BMN and the earlier family genealogist, J.B. Newcomb, used the e-less spelling for everyone. For the most part, I have followed their example. But we should be aware that many of our Canadian ancestors and relatives did, and still do, use that final e. So when doing research, we need to look for both spellings, as well as other common variations, such as Newcome and Newcom.

12 July 2011

Joseph Newcomb 1718 - 1793

From B.M. Newcomb's book:

He was an officer in the War of the Revolution and following his return to civil life was justice of the peace.

05 July 2011

John Newcomb 1760 - 1822

From B.M. Newcomnb's book:

American Revolution: He served as a conductor of trains for transportation of supplies from Lebanon CT to the Continental Army.

01 July 2011

John Newcomb b. 3 Nov 1752

From B.M. Newcomb's book:

Was probably the John who enlisted as a private in Capt. Roby's Company, Col. Moses Little's (17th) Regiment, muster roll, 1 Aug. 1775, enlisted 6 June 1775, service two months; also company return (probably October 1775), aged twenty-one years; also, order for bounty coat or equivalent in money, 11 Dec. 1775.