30 October 2013

Lucy Baxter married William Newcomb

Lucy Ella Baxter was born 1 Jan 1857 in Enfield ME, the daughter of John Henry and Sally Jane (Bragdon) Baxter. She married William Henry Newcomb (1848-1925) 17 Mar 1877 in Presque Isel ME. William was the son of Robert and Lydia (Lisherness) Newcomb. William and Lucy had a son, Charles Sumner Newcomb (1878-1967). Lucy died of pneumonia in April 1882, in Aroostook Co. ME.

27 October 2013

Almira Baxter married Hiram Newcomb

Almira Baxter was born 18 March 1815 in Tolland CT., the daughter of Simon and Mary (Chapman) Baxter. She married Hiram Newcomb (1810-1889) 1 January 1831. Almira died 18 January 1890 and was buried in South Yard Cemetery, Tolland. Almira and Hiram had nine children: Charles Leonard, George Hiram, Norman Simeon, Lucius H., Martha A., Julia Ann, Amanda B., Samuel C., Addie E.

24 October 2013

Elizabeth Aldridge married Colba Newcomb

Elizabeth Aldridge (2 Dec 1816 - 14 Oct 1892) was born in Ciaro NY and died in New York state. She was the daughter of Herrick and Elizabeth Aldridge. She married Colba Reed Newcomb (10 Jan 1817 - 8 Jun 1892) around 1844. They had four children: Albert, Rodolph, Melden and Frances.

Information from J.B. Newcomb, U.S. census and Find-A-Grave.

21 October 2013

Jennie Ball married Lucius Newcomb

Jennie Belle Ball was born in 1881 in Wisconsin, the daughter of Charles S. and Mary E. (Walker) Ball. She married Lucius Earl Newcomb (b. 28 Jul 1880) in Perry Center NY 17 Sep 1902. They had two children: Melvin Corydon and Lois Eileen.

Source: B.M. Newcomb

17 October 2013

Diantha Ball married Jabez Newcomb

Diantha Ball was born around 1790 and died Mar 1862. She married Jabez Newcomb (c. 1790 - Jul 1831) and had four children: Celestia, Mary, Betsey Ann, Benjamin. Diantha's second husband was Jonathan Ellsworth.

Source: J.B. Newcomb

13 October 2013

Elizabeth Baldwin married Joseph Newcomb

Elizabeth Jane Baldwin was born 4 Feb 1832 in Vermont, the daughter of Ebenezer and Elizabeth Baldwin. She married Joseph Bullock Newcomb (b. 24 Aug 1828) in Vernon IN 12 Oct 1849. They had five children: Charles Everett, Leland Laurenz, Horatio H., Lectania May, Ella Luena.

Source: B.M. Newcomb

09 October 2013

Chloe Baldwin married Moses Newcomb

Chloe Baldwin was born 3 Mar 1830 in Hamilton, Ontario, the daughter of Daniel Baldwin. She died 15 Oct 1866. Chloe married Moses Newcomb (22 Nov 1819 - 11 Dec 1888) and had six children: David Henry, William, Moses, Sarah Ann, John, Chloe. Moses's second wife, whom he married in 1867, was Nancy Mead (1832-1895).

Source: B.M. Newcomb

05 October 2013

Rebecca Baker married Eliakim Newcomb

Rebecca Baker was born 4 Mar 1855 in Howard, Ontario, the daughter of Michael and Jane Baker. She married Eliakim Newcomb (27 Nov 1844 - 20 Dec 1928) 14 Aug 1876. She died 2 Feb 1909 in Kent Co. Ontario. Rebecca and Eliakim had three children: George E., Ethel Minerva Jane, and Roy Ernest. They were buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Ridgetown, Ontario.

Sources: B.M. Newcomb, Find A Grave

01 October 2013

Pauline Baker married Daniel Newcomb

Pauline Mayo Baker was born 28 Nov 1830, the daughter of Joseph and Jane (Hamblin) Baker. She married Daniel Young Newcomb (10 Jan 1828 - 21 Aug 1916) 13 Jul 1859. They had three children: Daniel Edson, Charles Ellsworth, Myra May.

Source: B.M. Newcomb