22 December 2013

Molly Bearse married Obadiah Newcomb

Molly Bearse was born 14 Dec 1795 in New Fairfield CT, the daughter of John and Molly (Beardsley) Bearse. She married Obadiah Newcomb (1798-1840) 6 Mar 1823 in Westmoreland NY. Obadiah was the son of William and Elizabeth (Cunnabell) Newcomb. Obadiah and Molly had two children, John Bearse and Esther. Molly's sister Esther married Obadiah's brother William.

18 December 2013

Esther Atwell married Isaac Newcomb

Esther A. Atwell was born around 1835 in Vermont. She married Isaac Madison Newcomb (8 Aug 1824 - 4 Jan 1862) 1 Aug 1852. They had two children: William Stanley and James Madison. Esther's second husband was Simon B. Buxton.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, U.S. census records

12 December 2013

Nancy Attwater married Henry Newcomb

Nancy A. Attwater was born around 1856 in Illinois. She married Henry Edwin Newcomb (1852-1878) and had a son, Willis Knight Newcomb. Nancy's second husband, whom she married 19 Feb 1880 in Fulton Co. IL, was Millard F. Duncan.

Sources: Public records, online sources

07 December 2013

Clara Beauchamp married Clement Newcomb

Clara Yetter Beauchamp was born 13 Nov 1885 in Delaware, the daughter of George N. and Kate E. (Jones) Beauchamp. She married C.C. Newcomb, the son of Charles C. and Phoebe B. (Sheppard) Newcomb. His name appeared as Charles C. in the Delaware marriage records, but the license was issued to Clem. C. and the preponderance of evidence indicates he was Clement Campbell. On 23 Mar 1910, in Wilmington DE, Clara was murdered by Charles Tindall, who shot her and then himself. According to newspaper accounts, the motive was jealousy and Clara's refusal to elope with Tindall. Clement's second wife was Carrie B. (Caulk) Anderson, whom he married in 1914.

04 December 2013

Mary Beaty married Robert Newcomb

Mary M. Beaty was born 29 Oct 1890 in Arkansas, the daughter of Daniel Jefferson and Julie Ann (Moore) Beaty. She married Robert Clayborne Newcomb (1884-1969), the son of Jan Tate and Sarah F. (Landers) Newcomb. They had at least one child, a son, R.C. Newcomb. Mary died 6 Sep 1954 and was buried in Graham Cemetery, Benton AR.

01 December 2013

Alma Beattie married Arthur Newcomb

Alma F. Beattie was born 22 May 1869 in Grand Pré, Nova Scotia, the daughter of Thomas and Harriet E. (Ward) Beattie. She married Arthur Foules Newcomb (b. 1869), the son of Obadiah and Harriet Elizabeth Newcomb, 2 Oct 1869 in Grand Pré. Arthur and Alma had three children: Gladys O., Harold O., Curtis Lakeman.