25 June 2011

John Newcomb 1751 - 1834

From B.M. Newcomb's book:

While residing at Cape Ann, he enlisted, May 1775, for twelve months in Capt. Nathaniel Collins' Co., marched to Cambridge and arrived on the day of the battle of Bunker Hill. He joined Col. Moses Little's regiment, and a few days after left for Prospect Hill, where he was employed in throwing up breastworks during the day and standing guard at night. He also served in Joseph Robey's Company. When Collins was promoted to major, Warner became captain of Collins' Company.

In Jan 1776, he enlisted for eight months as corporal in Capt. William Pearson's Co., Col. Porter's regiment, and rendered service at Cape Ann. In about one month he was appointed sergeant; discharged 15 Aug 1776.

In Apr. 1777 he volunteered to serve in the army on North River - term of service three years - and joined Capt. James Carr's Co., Col. Little; marched from Boston to Albany, where he was detached, with some hundreds of others, under Gen. Arnold, to relieve Fort Stanwix, then besieged. He marched to Stillwater, joined the artillery under Maj. Bannister, and was present at the capture of the army of Gen. Burgoyne. Ordered to Albany, and was there appointed to drive the baggage-wagon of Gen. Gates home.

He was in a privateer fitted out at Machias, Me.; was taken by a British man-of-war; was prisoner on board the British ship Jersey in New York harbor with Andrew, his cousin, but escaped; and sailed in a privateer from Cape Ann, capturing several prizes.

20 June 2011

Common Names

Some more statistics from my Newcomb database:

Females whose maiden name was Newcomb, Newcombe, Newcom or Newcome - 9872

Elizabeth, Eliza, Lizzie, etc. - 390
Mary, Maria or Marie - 240
Ann, Annabelle, Annie, etc. - 229
Abigail, Abby, etc. - 81

15 June 2011

brundy family

A reader named elissabrundy wrote:

"I'm married to James Brundy son of Steven Brundy. We are looking for any info on who Charles Henry Brundy's father is. We think it could be Henry Brundy from St. Charles Missouri B-2-22-1826 D-2-13-1912 in Montana. If any one can help with the mystery or any info on any one in the family would be grateful."

13 June 2011

John Newcomb c. 1733 - 1817

From DAR lineage books:

American Revolution: He served as a private in Capt. John Hall's company, Colonel Palmer's Massachusetts regiment.

Brom B.M. Newcomb's book: "He was a seafaring man, engaged in whaling."

10 June 2011

Josesph Walker and Annie Maud Newcomb

Joseph Walker (b. 3 Jun 1858 in Donegal, Ireland) married Annie Maud Newcomb (19 Sep 1865 - 24 Dec 1931, daughter of Ezekiel and Mary Jane [Purdy] Newcomb) 26 Apr 1886. B.M. Newcomb said that he died November 1909. However his tombstone shows that he died 15 Feb 1931. He and Annie are buried in Fredricton Rural Cemetery, New Brunswick.

08 June 2011

Jesse Newcomb 1756-1832

From B.M. Newcomb's book:

He served in the Revolutionary War at Long Island and Harlem Heights; enlisted July 4, 1776, in Capt. James Clark's Co., and received pay for 3 months, 28 days, £7 16s., on payroll dated 1 Nov. 1776.

03 June 2011

Huge Newcomb Database

We have one of the most extensive Newcomb family databases available anywhere. It includes hundreds of corrections and updates to the old genealogies by J.B. Newcomb and B.M. Newcomb, plus thousands of new entries, bringing the family history into the 21st century. Search it for free at Rootsweb's WorldConnect project.

01 June 2011

Jeremiah Newcomb 1760-1842

From B.M. Newcomb's book:

Jeremiah Newcomb took part in the Revolutionary War, entering the service Mar. 1776 in Capt. John Gill's co., William Cooper of Boston First Lieut.; sailed from Wellfleet to Plymouth, thence marched to Boston, where he was stationed with troops under Gen. Putnam; discharged about 1 May 1776, re-entered the service as matross in artillery company for twelve months, Capt. John Gill, Col. Craft's Regt. or battalion; sailed to Castle William in Boston Harbor where he remained during the winter, building the fort; passed daily in flat bottomed boat to Boston and back; dragged cannon to top of hill to place in fort, stocked and bedded those injured by the English, and received passports of vessels passing the fort; procured a mortar, stationed it on the north side of Long Island head, with breastwork and 6-pounder cannon on Nantasket Hill, to play across the head to the shipping of the enemy. The throwing of the third bomb caused the vessels to drop down near the lighthouse, which they blew up.

"Jeremiah, Wellfleet; Matross; Capt. John Gill's co.... abstract for advanced pay, mileage, etc., sworn to at Boston Jun 8, 1776. Mileage (108 miles) allowed said Newcomb; also same Co. and regt enlisted May 9, 1776. Service to Nov. 1, 1776, 5 mo. 24 d., also same Co. and regt. service from Feb. 1, 1777 to May 8, 1777, 3 mo. 7 d."

In 1780, 28 Nov., he was of the brig Resolution, taken prisoner, and committed to Old Mill Prison on 22 Jan. 1781. He was also out at other times during the war.