31 May 2012

Ruth Ball married William Newcomb

Ruth Ball was born 1825, the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Wyer (Hall) Ball. She married William James Newcomb (28 Mar 1824 - 4 Apr 1908) 19 Mar 1843. Ruth's sister Sarah married William's brother Levi. Ruth and William had two children, Ella and Willie Augustus. William's second wife, with whom he had seven children, was Susannah Cushing (1822-1888).

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

29 May 2012

Jennette Abbott married Rodolphus Burnham Newcomb

Jennette Abbott was the second wife of Rodolphus Burnham Newcomb (2 Apr 1823 - 6 Sep 1878), and he was her second husband. Her first husband's surname was Rooks. Rodolphus and Jennette were married 6 Nov 1872. Jennette died 11 Nov 1874. Rodolphus's other wives were Nancy N. Burnham and Lottie White.

Information from J.B. Newcomb.

26 May 2012

Josephine Ball married Arthur Newcomb

Josephine Ball was born Jul 1852 in Wisconsin, the daughter of George H. Ball. Her mother's maiden name was Munson. She married Arthur Gilman Newcomb (10 Apr 1851 - 31 May 1912) in Minnesota, Mar 1873. They had four children: Mertie, Maud, Earl Aubrey, George Martin.

Sources: B.M. Newcomb and U.S. Census records.

24 May 2012

Ida Almeda Abbott married Aurelius Bartlett Newcomb

Ida Almeda Abbott (b. 17 Oct. 1861) was born in Newburgh ME, the daughter of Horatio Nelson and Almeda A. (Bickford) Abbott. She married Aurelius Bartlett Newcomb (b. 15 Dep. 1859) 6 Apr. 1878 in Newburgh. Aurelius and Ida had three children: Gertrude Judith, Henry Frank, and Ina Idella. Aurelius's second wife was Evelyn Hicks.

Information compiled from J.B. Newcomb and B.M. Newcomb.

22 May 2012

John Newcomb/Elizabeth Malcolm - Virginia Newcombs

I received this inquiry from a reader:

John Newcomb who immigrated to Charlotte, VA about 1774 and married Elizabeth Malcolm is the last Newcomb I have in my tree. Do you have any information about who his parents were and how I might be able to connect him to his parents and the rest of the Newcomb family?

19 May 2012

Mary Ellen Abbey married David Simon Newcomb

Mary Ellen Abbey (31 Jan 1860 - 2 Aug 1944) was born in New York, the daughter of Johnson and Elizabeth (Barker) Abbey. Her first husband was John Gurney. Her second husband was David Simon Newcomb (17 Oct 1863 - 26 Mar 1894). David and Mary had three children: Emma, Fred and Esther. Mary's third husband was Eugene Ackerman (b. Feb 1853). Mary and Eugene had a son, Frank. Mary's fourth husband was Frank Moesler.

Information compiled from B.M. Newcomb, U.S. Census, and Find-A-Grave.

18 May 2012

Newcomb Women

Unfortunately, tracing female ancestors can be extremely difficult. Traditionally, women's names were (and typically still are) changed when they marry. Often, a wife's maiden name is lost to history, making it nearly impossible to discover her family of origin. Conversely, we may know a woman's maiden name, but be unable to find her in adulthood because we don't know the name of her husband. To compound the problem, newspaper articles and other writings in the past often treated married women as if they had no individual identity at all. The wife of John Newcomb was often just referred to as "Mrs. John Newcomb," even when the story was about her personal accomplishments. So frustrating! If, by chance, Mr. Newcomb had more than one wife over the course of his life, we may not even be able to determine which one was being discussed.

In coming weeks I will be posting information about Newcomb women, both those who were born Newcombs and those who acquired the name by marriage. I hope this will be helpful to those of you who are interested in finding out more about your female ancestors.

14 May 2012

John and David Newcomb from VA

A reader sent me this inquiry:

In John Bearse Newcomb's Geneological Memoir of the Newcomb Family, on pg. 531 he lists a John Newcomb that immigrated to Charlotte, Va. about 1774, and married Elizabeth Malcolm. He died in 1811. JBN lists 10 children with the last being David who left before the War of 1812 and was not heard from. He also lists a David Newcomb from Cocke Co., Tenn. who married Mary Jane Lane in Halifax Co., Va. in 1800, and then served in the War of 1812 from Tenn. on pg. 546.

Has anyone found any data that would show that these Davids are the same individual? I've seen David Newcomb from Tennessee on several Ancestry.com family trees that show him with a father named John. But they don't have citations to confirm anything. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

09 May 2012

Looking for Someone?

If you'd like to see my full list of Newcombs and connected individuals, it's available for free at the Rootsweb WorldConnect Project in a database called rkwest.

If you'd like to get help from the larger Newcomb community, send me an email using the link on this blog. I'll post your inquiry on the blog so that it can be found and responded to by anyone who might have relevant information.