22 May 2012

John Newcomb/Elizabeth Malcolm - Virginia Newcombs

I received this inquiry from a reader:

John Newcomb who immigrated to Charlotte, VA about 1774 and married Elizabeth Malcolm is the last Newcomb I have in my tree. Do you have any information about who his parents were and how I might be able to connect him to his parents and the rest of the Newcomb family?


  1. Connecting the Newcombs of America to their ancestors in England is an ongoing challenge. At one point I was in contact with a very kind gentleman, Maurice Newcombe, who had documented his side of the family in England. He, too, was hoping to connect the English and American sides of the family, but was stumped. We corresponded for quite a while, and I tried following some leads he had, but we were never able to find the answers. Perhaps someone else reading this has some better clues.

  2. Thanks Rosemary, if I can find a way to connect the Newcombs in Virginia to the Newcombs in the Boston area I'd be satisfied with that as a start!


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