27 November 2013

Rebecca Beasley married Joseph Newcomb

Rebecca Jane Beasley was married 24 Mar 1837 in Rush Co. IN, the daughter of Cornelius and Jane (Nipp) Beasley. She marred Joseph Smithers Newcomb (1830-1887), the son of John and Sarah (Smithers) Newcomb, as his second wife. They had eight children: Arinda Jane, George Cornelius, Luzettia Indiana, William David, Thomas F., Rosanna J., Charles A., Elizabeth Katherine. Their son William married his first cousin, Melissa Jane Beasley, the daughter of Rebecca's brother George. Rebecca died 23 Jan 1911 in Colorado Springs CO. Joseph's first wife was Harriet Miller, with whom he had three children.

23 November 2013

Melissa Beasley married William Newcomb

Melissa Jane Beasley was born 25 Nov 1868 in Nebraska, the daughter of George W. and Sarah Elizabeth (Turner) Beasley. She married William David Newcomb (1869-1948) 19 Apr 1895 in Colorado Springs CO. William was her first cousin, the son of Joseph Smither and Rebecca Jane (Beasley) Newcomb. He was her second husband. Her first husband's surname was McNeil, and they had a daughter, Mabel. Melissa and William had a son, Jesse Earl Newcomb. They eventually divorced.

19 November 2013


Blog comment spammers are so annoying. And so pointless. I just got nearly 100 spam comments added within a few seconds of each other on a single 7-year-old post on this blog. Of course, these comments never appeared in public because this is a moderated blog. Why do these idiots bother spamming moderated blogs? Probably, since most spam is automated, they don't even know what they are doing but just broadcast spam everywhere. The good news is, I can bulk delete the spam, so I don't have to click on each stupid comment. I could make it harder for the idiots by adding a word verification puzzle to the comments. I've never wanted to bother my readers with that, but now that I am getting more and more ridiculous spam on the blog, I may do it. I know it won't stop all of them; some pathetic spammers actually upload their phony comments by hand. But it would stop the ones that use automation to upload 100 comments per minute.

17 November 2013

Louise Bearse married Theodore Newcomb

Louise Adelaide Bearse was born 2 Jun 1866 in Mashpee MA, the daughter of Nathaniel Doane and Olive Gould (Pells) Bearse. She married Theodore Freeman Newcomb (b. 12 Sep 1861) 27 Mar 1884 in Mashpee. Theodore was the son of Ebenezer Freeman and Theresa (Folma) Newcomb. Theodore and Louise had six children: Amos T., Laura Frances, John Wesley, Theresa Louise, Cedric Earl, Theodore J. Theodore's second wife was Elizabeth Morse (b. 1864), whom he married in 1894. They had four children.

14 November 2013

Esther Bearse married William Newcomb

Esther Bearse was born 21 Apr 1879 in New Fairfield CT, the daughter of John and Molly (Beardsley) Newcomb. She married William Newcomb (1791-1876) 7 May 1816 in Westmoreland NY. William was the son of William and Elizabeth (Cunnabell) Newcomb. William and Esther had a daughter, Elizabeth. Esther died 12 Feb 1852 in Westmoreland NY. William's second wife was Mary Pratt, whom he married in 1852. Esther's sister Molly married William's brother Obadiah.

11 November 2013

Ada Bearse married William Newcomb

Ada Bearse was born in 1850, the daughter of Edward F. and Elizabeth H. Bearse. She married William Newcomb (1850-1911) 17 May 1892, as his second wife. William was the son of Nathaniel and Hannah (Taylor) Newcomb. William and Ada do not appear to have had any children. William's first wife was Henrietta Burlingame, with whom he had a son.

08 November 2013

Minnie Beardsley married Ezra Newcomb

Minnia Alida Beardsley was born 1 Oct 1853 in Rushville NY, the daughter of Roswell E. and Susan (Millard) Beardsley. She married Ezra Butler Newcomb (1852-1936) 31 May 1876 in Indianapolis IN. Ezra was the son of Horatio Cooley and Eliza (Pabody) Newcomb. Ezra and Minnie had three children: Philip Butler, Horatio Millard, and Theodore Andrew.

05 November 2013

Marcia Beach married James Newcomb

Marcia Beach was born 8 Jun 1801 in Litchfield CT, the daughter of Herman and Clarissa (Kilbourn) Beach. She married James Covell Newcomb (1796-1880) 1 Jul 1819 in Litchfield. James was the son of William and Artemsia (Guild) Newcomb. Marcia and James had eleven children: James Beach, Clarissa Artemesia, Sarah Abigail, Harriet Marcia, Henry William, George Wallace, Mary Marana, Sarah Abigail (same name given after the first one died), Ellen Agnes, Franklin Astley, Kate Inez. Marcia died 6 Oct 1885.

02 November 2013

Anna Bayes married Lt. Andrew Newcomb

Anna Bayes was born around 1658, the daughter of Thomas and Anna (Baker) Bayes. She married Lt. Andrew Newcomb around 1676. Lt. Andrew is believed to the the son of Capt. Andrew Newcomb (ca. 1616 - 1696), the immigrant ancestor of the largest branch of the Newcomb family in North America, and his first wife (name unknown). Anna and Andrew had eight children: Anna, Elizabeth, Joseph, Emeline, Tabitha, Zerviah and Mary. Anna died in 1731 in Edgartown MA. Andrew's second wife was Sarah, with whom he had seven children.