29 December 2009

Catherine Eliza Monk

Catherine Eliza Monk, born 3 Aug 1873, was the daughter of William Monk (b. 16 Aug 1831) and Margaret Anne Newcomb (b. 23 Jan 1834).  John Bearse Newcomb said that Margaret and William had no children. B.M. Newcomb indicated that this child was born to them after 21 years of marriage, when Margaret was 39 years old. Not impossible, but somewhat unusual. Catherine may have been adopted.

26 December 2009

Alberta Kintz

Alberta Kintz (b. Jan 1879) was the second wife of James Wilbur Newcomb (b. 1 Mar 1859, BMN #1435).  B.M. Newcomb thought her surname was Kurtz, but public records and her descendants verify that it was Kintz.

20 December 2009

Cynthia Anna Garman

Cynthia Anna Garman (b. 11 Sep 1912) was the daughter of Ira S. Garman (b. 4 Sep 1847) and Bertha Gertrude Newcomb (b. 1 Aug 1887). B.M. Newcomb listed Cynthia as the daughter of Ira and Bertha, and she is listed in the 1920 census as their daughter. However, according to BMN, Ira's son Raymond also had a daughter name Cynthia, born at about the same time. Cynthia was also the name of Ira's first wife (Raymond's mother). None of Ira and Bertha's other children were born in Arkansas, whereas Raymond's daughter Marie was born in Arkansas. Were there really two little girls named Cynthia, one born to the father and the other born to the son? Or was there just one Cynthia? If she was staying with her grandparents the census taker may have listed her as their daughter.

17 December 2009

Paul Z. Burrell

Paul Z.  Burrell married Hazel Delight Newcomb (b. 3 Jun 1889) in 1909.  B.M. Newcomb said he was "of Nashville, Tenn" and that they resided in Los Angeles. I think it highly unlikely that Paul ever lived in Los Angeles. In 1910, he and Hazel lived in Kansas and Illinois. Paul died sometime between 1910 and 1915. By 1920 Hazel was separated from her second husband, Benjamin Jordan. She was living in Los Angeles County, using the name Burrell.

14 December 2009

Harry B. Houghton

Harry B. Houghton was the son of  Harry B. Houghton (b. Sep 1858) and Lottie (b. Aug 1861).  The 1900 census states he was born Aug 1879,  but I am inclined to think that this is wrong, just because there are so many other numbers that were crossed out and corrected, some by as much as 10 years. A birth date in 1879 doesn't fit with the likely date of his parents marriage, which was probably around 1882. There is a Harry B. Houghton Jr. of Ohio who appears in the census in 1910 and 1920 who would have been born around 1889.

11 December 2009

Simon and Simeon Newcomb (1660's)

Simon (BMN #4) and Simeon (BMN #3)  Newcomb were sons of Lt. Andrew Newcomb (BMN #2) and his first wife Sarah. I have run across a number of websites made by people who think that Simon and his brother Simeon are the same person. This leads to a lot of confusion, especially since Simeon's name was sometimes incorrectly written as Simon.

Looking for info on George Mosby Newcomb born Dec.1861 Virg.

He was the son of George Henry Newcomb and Molly Sled and lived in Bontetourt Co. near Troutville Vir. until immigrating to Ark. and Mo. in 1890

09 December 2009

Looking for B.M. Newcomb Book

A reader asked:

Can someone give me a source where I can purchase the Newcomb Book by B.M. Newcomb. Thank You

08 December 2009

John McAvoy (ca 1908)

John McAvoy was the son of  John Vincent McAvoy (b. 11 Jul 1878) and Marian Newcomb (b. 21 Nov 1877).  The old Newcomb books state that John was born 10 July 1910. However, he appears in the 1910 census already two years old. It was his brother Richard McAvoy who was born in 1910.

05 December 2009

Sarah Maria Lewis (b. 1802)

Sarah "Sally" Maria Lewis (b. 26 Jul 1802) married Harvey Courtland Newcomb (b. 1 Oct 1803, BMN #311).  According to the old Newcomb books, she died in 1860, but she was still alive in the 1870 census, living with the family of her daughter Margaret.

02 December 2009

Elizabeth Beman/Beaman (b. 1762)

Elizabeth "Mary" Beaman was born 22 Feb 1762.  She married Kinner Newcomb (b. 15 Jun 1777, BMN #297) in 1807.

Are her dates of birth and christening (1762) really correct? If so, it would mean she was 15 years older than her husband and that she married at age 45 and went on to have three children, the last born when she was 49. None of this is impossible, but it's statistically unlikely. This requires more research.

The old Newcomb books indicate she was the sister of N.S.B. Beaman, but a descendant of Nathan Sidney Smith Beaman reports that she was his aunt.

01 December 2009

Sarah Louisa Newcomb (b. 1856)

B.M. Newcomb wrote: She is the author of several stories, in which she shows a remarkable insight into character. She established in Honolulu, her residence for many years, a home for inebriates, which is still [1924] in successful operation. This institution is self-supporting, being run on money made by the men in the home, each one of whom is taught some agreeable occupation. These men are treated as members of one family, the motto being "All men are brethren." Mrs. Newcomb took an active part in Red Cross Work during the war, and established a Prison Unit for that society, the members of which were engaged in knitting for many months.