27 July 2013

Narcissa Babcock married Luther Newcomb

Narcissa Babcock was born 13 Oct 1786 in Vermont and died 29 Mar 1871 in Mattoon IL. She married Luther Newcomb (13 Apr 1786 - 28 Nov 1827) 18 Jan 1807 in Shoreham VT. They had nine children: Frederick Laribee, John Knight, Luther, Lorain, Mary, William Needham, Amelia, Calvin, Oliver Ingraham. Narcissa's second husband was Franklin Clark.

Source: J.B. Newcomb

21 July 2013

Sarah Babbitt married Everett Newcomb

Sarah B. Babbitt was born 2 Oct 1791 in New Hampshire, the daughter of Nathan and Anne (Newcomb) Babbitt. A descendant of Francis Newcomb, she married her second cousin, Everett Newcomb (3 Jun 1786 - 10 Sep 1836) as his second wife, 8 Apr 1834. Sarah died 19 Jun 1873. Everett's first wife, with whom he had five children, was Hannah Buckminster (1794-1830).

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, Babbitt Family History

16 July 2013

Abigail Babbitt married Annas Newcomb

Abigail Babbitt was born 31 Mar 1764 in Norton MA, the daughter of Nathan and Abigail (Cobb) Babbitt. She married Annas Newcomb (25 Mar 1762 - 5 Aug 1823) 18 Dec 1783. Abigail's brother Nathan married Annas's sister Anne. Annas became Abigail's stepbrother upon the marriage of their widowed parents, Nathan Babbitt and Judith (Pratt) Newcomb. Annas and Abigail had eight children: Annas, Abigail, Sarah Wild, Ruth Washburn, Mary, Joseph, Anna, Nathan Babbitt. Abigail died 16 Mar 1847.

Sources: Genealogical Memoir of the Newcomb Family,The Babbitt Family History

11 July 2013

Eliza Babb married Eben Newcomb

Eliza Babb was born 6 Mar 1809 in Buxton ME, the daughter of Peter and Thanksful (Bangs) Babb. She died 8 Sep 1853. She married Eben Lewis Newcomb (5 Nov 1800 - Nov 1878) 15 Dec 1833. They had seven children: Emily Adelaide, George Hay, Theresa Maria, Calista Abigail, Charles Appleton, Levi Sawyer, Elizabeth Rowena. Eben's second wife, whom he married 1 Apr 1856, was Olive Chapman.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

06 July 2013

Theora Ayer married William Newcomb

Theora Jane Ayer was born 7 May 1854 in Sackville, New Brunswick, the daughter of James and Ruth M. (Calhoun) Ayer. She married William Alder Newcomb (b. 2 Jan 1850) 1 Jan 1884 in Hopewell, New Brunswick. They had five children: Archie, Seward Ayer, James Andrew, Charles Spurgeon, Clements Calhoun.

Source: B.M. Newcomb

01 July 2013

Mabel Ayer married Frank Newcomb

Mabel Ayer was born 14 Jul 1885 in Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick, the daughter of Charles and Claudina (Dixon) Ayer. She married Frank B. Newcomb (b. 1 May 1878) 15 Aug 1902 in Hopewell Cape. They had three children: Elsie Louise, Gilbert Andrew, and Claude Ayer.

Source: B.M. Newcomb