28 December 2010

Rose or Alma Newcomb

Charles Dwight Newcomb (b. 1861) married Ida Holbrook (b. Jul 1868) in 1885 (they eventually divorced). They had four daughters. According to B.M. Newcomb, the oldest was named Rose. But an examination of the census records indicates that her name was Alma, and that her husband's name was Rose (or possibly Ross) Williams.

21 December 2010

Charles Benjamin Newcomb (1845-1922)

B.M. Newcomb wrote:

Mr. Newcomb was for a time in company with his father in the commission business, Boston; in 1869 removed to St. Paul, Minn. where he was president of the Union Improvement and Elevator Co.; in 1884 resided Philadelphia; in 1892 retired from business and returned to his old home in Boston, where he became a writer and lecturer on metaphysical subjects. He wrote "All's Right With the World", "Discovery of a Lost Trail", "Principles of Psychic Philosophy". His wife, Katherine H., wrote "Helps to Right Living", "Steps Along the Path". Both Mr. and Mrs. Newcomb engaged in the work of metaphysical healing.

14 December 2010

Arthur William Newcomb (b. 1873)

B.M. Newcomb wrote:

Mr. Newcomb attended Ripon Preparatory School and graduated, A.B., from Ripon College, 1896. He was Educational Director, Blackford School of Character Analysis, New York City. In 1904 he made a world tour as correspondent for several publications; editor of "Science of Business Building," by A.F. Sheldon, 1909-10; managing editor, "The Business Philosopher", 1910-13; editor, "The Science of Personal Efficiency", by Harrington Emerson, 1912-13; author of "The Questions of Socratic" series in Business Philosopher, 1909-13. Advertising writer and advisor from 1897 to 1914.

07 December 2010

Jesse Smith Newcomb (1826-1907)

B.M. Newcomb wrote: Jesse S. Newcomb was educated in the public schools of Haverhill and at Atkinson NH. During his youth he made two sea voyages on his father's vessel. Upon return he devoted attention to farming on the homestead. He learned the trade of shoemaking and established a successful retail shoe business. He devoted considerable attention to and invested in real estate, later in partnership with his brother Simon, under the firm name of J.S. and S. Newcomb. He devoted much time and thought to the welfare and development of his native town; acquired a considerable fortune. He was generous and had the reputation of being a model landlord. He was a republican in politics, and a member of no church, society, or club.

04 December 2010

Lorry/Laura (Newcomb) Baker

A reader named peggy wrote:

Lorry (Laura) Baker is buried in Dodge Grove Cemetery, Mattoon, Coles Co., IL (age 71, died 2-24-1885; tombstone: Feb 14, 1814-Feb 22, 1885). Her husband Michael Baker buried there also (age 79, died 9-30-1881; tombstone: Jan 14, 1807-Sept 29, 1882). I am interested in any information about their daughter Josephine Baker b 16 Mar 1838 Columbus, Ohio, m Mahlon Votaw 25 Jan 1855, Greenup, Cumberland Co., IL, died 6 Dec 1858 Greenup, Cumberland Co., IL. Ch: Otis (1855-1856) and Francis Marion (1857-1925). Thank you.