27 December 2012

Almira Andrews married Robert Newcomb and Benjamin Newcomb

Almira Frances Smythe Andrews was born 3 Oct 1833 in Virginia and died 1 Dec 1872. She may have been the daughter of William and Emily A. Andrews. She married Robert Newcomb (10 May 1825 - 23 May 1865). They had seven children: Charles Willism, Robert B., Emma E., Mary A., Frank, Andrew Purefoy, Clarence Orville. Almira married Benjamin F. Newcomb (born around 1832 in Virginia). It is likely that Robert and Benjamin were brothers. Almira and Benjamin had four children: Lelia, Allie, Irene, and Benjamin.

Information fron U.S. Census records, death certificates, Find-A-Grave.

22 December 2012

Sarah Anderson married James Newcomb

Sarah Margaret Anderson (b. 26 Sep 1841) was born in Pope City AR, the daughter of William Nicks and Margaret (Wilson) Anderson. She married James Lemuel Atkinson Newcomb (19 Oct 1829 - 4 Mar 1886) 10 May 1859 in Union Parish LA. They had 10 children: William Anderson, Martha Goodwin, James Lemuel, Daisy, Francis, Margaret Hays, Josephine, John Tobin, Willis Wood, Bennett.

Information from B.M. Newcomb.

17 December 2012

Pearl Anderson married Rollo Newcomb

Pearl Vickers Anderson (20 Oct 1885 - 22 Jun 1972) was born in Virginia and died in Iowa. Her mother's maiden name was Virginia Vickers. Pearl married Rollow Edward Newcomb (13 Jan 1884 - 13 Jan 1948) 11 Oct 1914 in Ottumwa IA. They had six children.

Information from B.M. Newcomb and Find-A-Grave.

13 December 2012

Mary Anderson married Leonard Newcomb

Mary Anderson (21 Mar 1815 - 1902) was born in Manchester VT, the daughter of David and Elizabeth Anderson. She married Leonard Newcomb (24 Aug 1806 - 1890) 13 Sep 1832. They had eight children: Julia Ann, Elizabeth, Lydia J., Cynthia, Harriet, Melvina, David, Retta.

Information from J.B. Newcomb and Find-A-Grave.

09 December 2012

Jane Anderson married William Newcomb

Jane Anderson (26 Mar 17782 - 15 Feb 1845) was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Anderson. She married William Newcomb (24 Feb 1779 - 17 Nov 1845), the son of William and Elizabeth (Pope) Newcomb, 6 May 1804 in Philadelphia PA. They had seven children: Elizabeth, William, Thomas Anderson, Colin Gillespie, Charles, James McBride, Mary Anne.

Information from J.B. Newcomb.

04 December 2012

Lou Anderson married Daniel Newcomb

Ida Louphenia "Lou" Anderson (25 Jul 1875 - 1 Dec 1952) was the daughter ofWilliam Thomas and Susannah Lee Anderson. She married Daniel Leonard Newcomb (Oct 1882 - 15 Oct 1945). They probably did not have any children.

Information from U.S. census, public records, Find-A-Grave.