31 January 2010

The father of Matthew Harris (b. 1735)

Matthew Harris (b. 12 Jan 1735) married Sutia Stuart (or Stewart). They were the parents of Jane or Jean Harris (b. 24 Apr 1771), who married Simon Lathrop Newcomb (b. 9 Jun 1769, BMN #164). Some sources say that Matthew's parents were Thomas Harris and Mary McKinney. Other sources (including the old Newcomb books) say that Matthew's father was named John.

30 January 2010

Captain Humphrey Gilbert Newcombe born 1875

A reader named ericgould wrote:

Four years ago, I visited the Albert County Museum in Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick. I saw a photograph on the wall of a six-masted schooner, the Edward B. Winslow. The captain of that ship was Humphrey Gilbert Newcombe. HG Newcombe was my great great grandfather.

Since then, I have done a lot of research. I plan on visiting the Albert County museum in the near future, and I wish to put together my information for their records. I've decided to try my luck again, to see if I can find more info.

I have a lot of information about his two ships, the Edward B. Winslow and the Edward H. Cole. The Cole was sunk in the war by a German U-boat, the U-151. The U-151 lurked along the shore of New Jersey, until Sunday, 2 June 1918, when it sank six American ships, in a single day. This day is known in history as Black Sunday.

Thanks to this website, I was able to trace the direct ancestry back to 1616. I will list them chronologically, from father to son to grandson to great grandson to great great grandson, etc. below:

0. Capt Andrew Newcomb was born in 1616-1618 in Devonshire, England and died on 31 Jan 1685-1686 at sea near Boston.
1. Lt. Andrew Newcomb was born circa 1640 and died between 20 Aug 1706 and 22 Oct 1708 in Edgartown MA.
4. Simon Newcomb was born circa 1665, and died on 20 Jan 1744-1745 in Lebanon CT,(10) and was buried in
Jonathan Trumbull Cem., Lebanon CT.
24. Deacon John Newcomb was born circa 1688 in Edgartown MA, and died on 23 Feb 1765 in Cornwallis N.S.
128. Capt Eddy Newcomb was born on 23 Sep 1713 in Edgartown MA, and died after 19 Oct 1781 in Cornwallis N.S.
410. John Newcomb was born on 15 May 1742 in Lebanon CT, and died before May 1778.
1012. Eddy Newcomb was born on 15 Dec 1769 in Cornwallis N.S., and died on 11 Jun 1854 in Cornwallis N.S.
2563. Capt. Andrew Newcomb was born on 24 Sep 1800 in Cornwallis N.S., and died in 1874.
6227. Gilbert Andrew Newcomb was born on 18 Feb 1832 in St. John N.B., and died on 14 Feb 1889.
11665. Humphrey G. Newcomb was born on 31 Dec 1875 in Riverside N.B.
16391. Charles Gilbert Newcomb was born on 7 May 1905 in Boston MA.

If any of you distant relatives of mine have information about Humphrey Gilbert Newcombe, I would greatly appreciate seeing it. I can be reached at eric555gould@gmail.com.

Thank you Newcomb(e)s

- Eric Gould (25% Newcombe)

28 January 2010

John Stafford Dickson

John Stafford Dickson (b. 20 Nov 1829) married Mary Hedge Newcomb (b. 25 Dec 1827) in 1851. The old Newcomb books state that he died in 1876, but he appears in the 1880 census.

25 January 2010

Eliza Alice Davison

Eliza Alice Davison was the daughter of Gideon Davison (ca 1784) and Susannah Newcomb (b. 22 Jun 1782). She married Elisha Springer. The 1850 census gives her age as 38, and the 1860 census as 47, which would make her born about 1812. The old Newcomb books indicate her parents were married in 1816. Given the time and place, it is extremely unlikely she was born before their marriage, unless she was adopted. These dates need to be checked.

22 January 2010

Margaret or Mariette Willey

Born around 1836, she was the daughter of Justin Willey and Maxamillia Newcomb, and she married Lafayette Snell (ca 1831). J.B. Newcomb thought her name was Mariette, but she appears in the census as Margaret. The census is often wrong, so who knows?

19 January 2010

William Lapp or Sapp?

William (ca 1838) married Olive Ebersole (ca 1847) in 1866.  (Olive was the daughter of William Ebersole and Marilla Newcomb.) J.B. Newcomb listed him as William Lapp. To me, his name in the census looks like Sapp. In the past, uppercase L's and S's were frequently written almost exactly the same way. So I'm not sure which is right.

16 January 2010

Elizabeth Hannah (b. 1811)

Elizabeth Hannah (b. 25 Mar 1811) was the second wife of George V. Newcomb (b. 14 Dec 1809, JBN #509-2).  J.B. Newcomb thought she was born in 1811. The 1870 U.S. census makes her much younger than that. In the 1860 census her age is 48, which agrees with JBN's dates.

13 January 2010

Emma Tyler

Emma Tyler married Samuel Newcomb (b. 1 Dec 1806). Her sister Emily married Uri Newcomb (b. 2 Aug 1806). According to B.M. Newcomb, both Emily and her sister Emma were born in 1806, yet he does not refer to them as twins. While it is possible for siblings to be born less than 12 months apart, since Emily was supposedly born in June, they could not have been born in the same year unless they were twins. Emma and Emily are exactly the kinds of too-similar names some people like to give twins.

10 January 2010

Frank P. Newcomb

Frank P. Newcomb (b. Jul 1870, BMN #1360) was the son of  William T. Newcomb (b. 28 Mar 1826, BMN #556) and Judith E. Straughan (b. 24 Mar 1834).  B.M. Newcomb stated that Frank married Eudora Tripp in 1871 and had a son, Norman, born in 1873. This is obviously not correct. The census lists a Norman Newcomb, the nephew of Frank's brother Joseph. This Norman was born around 1904. If Frank was married to Eudora, who died in 1892, Norman could not have been their son. Frank married Fanny around 1898, and they had two daughters. Fanny died in 1905, so Norman may have been her son. In 1910 Frank was living with the two girls and with Ida Rawlins, whom he would later marry. Norman was living with Frank's brother, and was still living with him in 1920. So far, I have no information to show whose son Norman really was.

07 January 2010

Francis Newcomb (b. 1912)

Francis Newcomb (BMN #3439) was born in 1912, the son of John Chamberlain Newcomb (b. 2 Feb 1870, BMN #2564) and Sarah Ellen Higbee (b. 13 Mar 1878). B.M. Newcomb lists Francis Newcomb, born 2 April 1912, mother's name Sarah Ellen Higbee. The California death records have a Francis Newcomb, mother's maiden name Higbee, born 12 August 1912, died 11 Feb 1992 in Stanislaus County, SS# 559-42-8764. The Social Security Death Index lists Francis Newcomb, born 2 April 1912, died 11 Feb 1992, last residence Stanislaus County, SS# 572-16-3411. It seems likely that this is actually the same person, even though the birth date is different in the California record.  But if it is the same person, why two different Social Security numbers?

05 January 2010

Newcomb Book

I have self published on Lulu.com a book titled The Ancestors and Descendants of Charles and Lula Newcomb. The upload is free. I am not trying to sell it, it is for my grandchildren. I did quite a bit of research on Francis, Peter, John, Benjamin, William, Arnold, John, Charles and Lula Newcomb of Spearman, Texas. Anyone able to fill in any gaps, I would appreciate hearing from them.

04 January 2010

Edwin Cordial Newcomb

Edwin (or Edward) Cordial Newcomb was born 2 Nov 1855. He married Elizabeth Zeidler (b. 1857) in 1888.  The DAR lineage books show his name as "Edward C." and his birth date as 1857. However, both J.B. Newcomb and B.M. Newcomb list "Edwin" born in 1855. The census lists him as both Edwin and Edward in different years.

03 January 2010

Warren Newcomb

B.M. Newcomb wrote:

Mr. Newcomb was engaged in trade with his brother Horatio D. at Louisville; he moved to New York City. He is said to have left $200,000 to his daughter and $500,000 to his widow. On 1 Mar. 1866 he wrote:

"To hon. J.W. Brockenbrough, Rector of the Board of Trustees of Washington College, Lexington, Va.: I desire my subscription ($10,000.00) to the Washington College should be regarded as an expression of sympathy for the severe trials, afflictions and hopes my southern friends have sustained in what they consider a just and patriotic cause-- it will be a sufficient reward to me to have the privilege of donating to my friends a scholarship for each thousand dollars subscribed, to stand on the records of the institution as a perpetual memorial to my only daughter, Harriott Sophie Newcomb, to whom I have given the disposal of the scholarships. Warren Newcomb."

Before Sept. 1882, a handsome new library had been erected on the grounds of Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Rockbridge Co., Va., costing $20,000, gift of Mrs. Newcomb. To perpetuate the memory of her only child, Mrs. Newcomb, 11 Oct. 1886, gave $100,000 to the administrators of Tulane University, New Orleans, to establish the H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College for the higher education of white girls and young women. Included in this College is a School of Art where instruction is given the making of pottery.

From Kentucky Biographical Encyclopedia:

Newcomb, Warren, merchant, was born October 14, 1814, at Bernardston, Massachusetts, and was the son of Dalton and Harriet Newcomb. He received a good English education, and emigrated to the West, where he spent several years as the clerk of a boat, owned and run by his brother Hezekiah, on the Tennessee River. He then engaged with his brother H.D. Newcomb in Louisville. The house met with great success, and finally engaged extensively in the sugar, molasses, and coffee trade. He passed several years in New Orleans, as purchasing agent. Their business was conducted with such signal ability that, in a few years, they had not only succeeded in accumulating a large fortune, but in establishing themselves as among the most far-seeing and successful business men of the county. Being a man of liberal education and refined manners, he carried into his everyday business the agreeable manners and bearing of a gentleman. Although never at any time losing sight of the advantages and best interests of the business, he never neglected the demands society makes on its enterprising members; and was warmly identified not only with the welfare of his adopted city, but also took an active interest in the affairs of the South. In 1863, having accumulated a large fortune, he retired from business, and took up his residence in New York City; but, after spending some time with his family in Europe, he again engaged actively in business, opening a house in New York, under the Name of Warren Newcomb & Co., and continuing with his brother, in Louisville, as H.D. Newcomb & Brother. Mr. Newcomb died August 28, 1866, leaving behind him a record of which his family might well be proud, having taken a place among the merchant princes of the country.

01 January 2010

Ebenezer Freeman Newcomb

Ebenezer Freeman Newcomb (BMN #1131) was born in 1832. He married Theresa Folma. According to J.B. Newcomb, Ebenezer had a son, Theodore, and  "a number of daughters".  B.M. Newcomb listed only one daughter. BMN stated that Ebenezer died in 1872, but according to the 1870 census, his wife Theresa had already remarried, to Ebenezer Cahoon (or Cahron).