28 March 2013

Mary Atkinson married Eleazer Newcomb

Mary Atkinson was born 13 Nov 1844 in Kentucky, the daughter of John and Lucinda Atkinson. She died 23 May 1905 in New York NY. She married Eleazer Burbank Newcomb (10 Oct 1822 - 18 Jul 1890), as his second wife, 21 Apr 1864. They had two children, David Burbank and Mary Ellen. Eleazer's first wife, with whom he had a son, was Ellen M. Singleton (1835-1862).

Sources: J.B. Newcomb and B.M. Newcomb

22 March 2013

Caroline Atkins married Darius Newcomb

Caroline R. Atkins was botn Aug 1837 in Massachusetts and died 12 Sep 1901. She married Darius Allen Martin Newcomb (28 Jun 1834 - 11 May 1911) 17 Mar 1858 in Wellfleet MA. They had eight children: Leonora A., Richard Higgins, Carrie M., Allen Martin, Carrie Eva, Henry Franklin, Nan Waterman, Anna Martin.

Source: B.M. Newcomb

17 March 2013

Alice Arnold married Sutton Newcomb

Alice Arnold was born May 1854 in Iowa. She married Sutton P. Newcomb (b. 29 Apr 1841) around 1881, as his second wife. They had five children: Robert, Harry Bennett, Florence E., Frank Almon. Sutton's first wife was Alice Beulah Humeston (1842-1881), with whom he had three children.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, U.S. census records, Find A Grave

12 March 2013

Addie Arnold married George Newcomb

Addie Arnold was born Aug 1867 in Massachusetts, the daughter of Orlando Arnold. She married George Newcomb (b. Jun 1865) around 1889. They had two children, Blanche E. and Howard Hamilton.

Source: U.S. census records.

08 March 2013

Lydia Bassett and John Newcomb

Lydia Bassett was born 20 Sept. 1757. She married John Newcomb (10 May 1749 - 4 Sep 1830) on 20 June 1877. They had 10 children. John was the son of Benjamin and Mary (Everett) Newcomb. According to the old Newcomb genealogy, Lydia's parents were James and Lydia Bassett. However, Jeffrey Bassett recently contacted me with the information that Lydia's parents were William and Lydia (Fisher) Basset. Some research into Massachusetts town records supports this information, and I am making the change in my database.

07 March 2013

Lucie Arnaud married Thomas Newcomb

Lucie Higgins Arnaud was born 2 Aug 1860 in Wellfleet MA, the daughter of Raymond C. and Hannah Harding (Newcomb) Arnaud. She married Thomas Willard Newcomb (Feb 1859 - 12 Nov 1913) 19 Oct 1893 in Wellfleet. Descendants of Lt. Andrew Newcomb, Lucie and Thomas were distant (6th) cousins. They had a son, Henry Warren Newcomb.

Information from B.M. Newcomb.

03 March 2013

Sarah Armstrong married Harry Newcomb

Sarah Elizabeth Armstrong was born 6 Jun 1870 in American Fork UT, the daughter of John and Mary Ellen (Wilson) Armstrong. She married Harry Dale Newcomb (b. 24 Aug 1866) 4 Jul 1902 in Aztec NM. They had a son, Harry Armstrong Newcomb.

Information from B.M. Newcomb.