07 November 2007

Green County Kentucky

A reader wrote the following:

A line of Newcombs originated in Maryland and found their way to Kentucky in the 1790s and early 1800s. The base line ancestors that have been well documented are Mathew (MD - 1795), Isaac (MD - 1793), and John Wesley "Turk" MD 1790. The family names they married into in my line were Holland, Davis, Caulk, Benningfield, Sapp, Burris (var. sp.) among others. This line populated the Rolling Fork Branch of the Salt River Watershed and the Valleys of the upper Green River in central Kentucky.

At one time this line of Newcombs was well discussed on this site and others.

I will be sending email ticklers to some who have contributed here-to-fore and invite new submitters for this line.

I have come down through a branch that has the spelling of Newcome. That change was due to an enumerator's error in the 1850 Census.

Have you other Newcombs come across my line?

John Newcome