15 March 2012

William Newcomb 1752-1822

From Sons of the American Revolution: Enlisted from Lebanon as a private in Capt. William Richards' company, First Regiment, Connecticut Line. He was at the battle of Germantown and with the Army at Valley Forge.

13 March 2012

William Newcomb 1733-1814

From B.M. Newcomb's book:

Tradition says that William Newcomb was a loyalist at the time of the Revolutionary War and was compelled to leave the country. He returned with his family to Cornwallis, but removed, about 1780, to Warren, Conn. The last years of his life were spent with his daughter Sarah. He nearly ruined his health, when a young man, in a successful attempt to remove a tree which had fallen upon his father, and was never afterward able to endure hard labor. His children were born in Cornwallis, where, it is stated upon good authority, he left a considerable tract of land undisposed of.

05 March 2012

Zaccheus Newcomb 1724 - c. 1790

From DAR lineage books: American Revolution: Served as a private in the Associated Exempts of Dutchess County.

02 March 2012


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Thomas Newcomb 1761-1851

Thomas Newcomb was ordered drafted, 23 Aug. 1777, at the age of 16, as a substitute for a Mr. Thomas, and served from 25 Aug. to 8 Oct. he was in Capt. Skinner's Co., Col. Lattimore's Regt., on the march to Stillwater, Saratoga Co., N.Y., one or two days after the battle at that place, 19 Sept.; was in the reserve during the battle of 7 Oct. with Burgoyne. After Burgoyne's surrender he marched to Red Hook where he was discharged. Just prior to 1 Jan 1778, he volunteered under Capt. Joseph Hill of Lebanon for three months; marched to Providence, R.I. and in the latter part of Feb. obtained permission to serve as marine on board the U.S. ship Warren, Capt. Hogekins; ran the blockade in the night; captured at Newport, near the Bermudas, the Neptune, a merchant vessel, and returned to Boston About 1 May. In the latter part of May shipped as marine on board the frigate Dean, Capt. Hindman, at New London, with his brother, David; absent three months; returned to Boston after capturing two merchant vessels, one a very valuable prize. He served for two months in 1779; Jan 1779 was in 4th Regt., 5th Co.; on ship Vengeance to Penobscot. He did garrison duty at Ft. Griswold, Groton, Conn., under Capt. Latham and Co. Ledyard, for three months, 1781; was discharged a few days before the fort was captured by the enemy. On 5 Aug. 1781, his brother, David, having been drafted for nine months, he acted as substitute; was enrolled at White Plains, Capt. Wright's Co., Col. Swift's Regt.; rendered service near Peekskill, and in a whale-boat on Long Island Sound; captured a sloop, and, immediately after, another armed with ten guns, making her a prize, with three other sloops, loaded with wood and forage for the British army; carried them into Stamford, Conn.

01 March 2012

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