29 August 2012

Marjorie Newcomb and Roscoe Finch Love Letters

In a comment to another post, reader Heather brought to my attention the fact that 100-year-old love letters from Roscoe Finch to Marjorie Newcomb are being sold on Etsy at http://www.etsy.com/listing/87610984/100-year-old-love-letter. Roscoe and Marjorie were married in 1912. Marjorie was the daughter of Mary L. (Seymour) and Willis Oscar Newcomb.

Helen Aldoes married Benjamin Newcomb

Helen "Nellie" Aldoes was born around 1848 in Canada, the daughter of John Aldoes. She married Benjamin Burgess Newcomb (b. 28 Oct 1836) in Oct 1870. They had two daughters: Eva M. and Gertrude D.

Information from B.M. Newcomb

27 August 2012

Amanda Bascomb married Zachariah Newcomb

Amanda Bascomb was born in 1852 in Kansas, the daughter of Henry and Eliza Bascomb. According to census records, she was a member of the Delaware tribe. She married Zachariah Newcomb (d. 1886) and had three children: Eliza Jane, Solomon and Edward. Her second husband, whom she married around 1890, was Adam Wilson (b. Jan 1844). Amanda died Nov 1912.

Sources: John D. Benedict, Muskogee and Northeastern Oklahoma (Chicago, S.J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1922), U.S. census records

25 August 2012

De Ette Alderman married Worthy Newcomb

De Ette Victoria Alderman (20 Aug 1853 - 7 Aug 1931) was born in Hartsgrove OH and died in Santa Cruz CA. She was the daughter of Sylvester Phelps and Hannah Jane (Bell) Alderman. She married Worthy Timothy Newcomb (8 Feb 1850 - 19 Sep 1924) 30 Nov 1873 in Hartsgrove. They had five children: Glen Gertrude, Wendell Timothy, Ward Kenneth, Wayne Garfield and Leighton Charles.

Information from B.M. Newcomb, U.S. census records, Find-A-Grave.

23 August 2012

Mary Bartlett married Frank Newcomb

Mary Ellen Bartlett was born 12 Jan 1882 in Gold Run CA, the daughter of Ephriam Wood and Delilah (McDonald) Bartlett. She married Frank Herbert Newcomb (27 Apr 1884 - 4 Jun 1969) 21 Jun 1906. They had three children: Charles Edwin, Lila May, Frank Douglas. Mary Ellen died in 1966.

Sources: B.M. Newcomb, public records, Find A Grave

20 August 2012

Anna Alderfer married Willard Newcomb

Anna Alderfer (b. 4 Nov 1875) was the daughter of W.H. and Eliza J. (Sissel) Alderfer. She married Willard Newcomb (b. 15 Dec 1871) 6 Oct 1894. They had a daughter, Zethel Ruth.

Information from B.M. Newcomb

18 August 2012

Eveline Bartlett married Seth Newcomb

Eveline B. Bartlett was born 8 Jul 1821 in Maine, the daughter of John and Hannah (Perry) Barlett. She married Seth Newcomb (25 Jun 1814 - 1 Sep 1874) 5 Nov 1844. They had three children: Alice E., Frank B., Cora L. Eveline died 27 Dec 1901.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

16 August 2012

Ruth Albright married Morse Newcomb

Ruth Elizabeth Albright (6 Aug 1910 - 29 Nov 1999) married Morse Ruggles Newcomb (3 Sep 1907 - 25 Jul 1987) 11 May 1940. They had a son.

Inbformation from B.M. Newcomb, public records and RootsWeb sources.

12 August 2012

Jessie Albertson married Charles Newcomb

Jessie Albertson was born. 6 Oct 1849 in Cleveland OH. She married Charles Alfred Newcomb (28 Mar 1849 - 25 Dec 1899) 28 May 1872 in Cleveland. They had a daughter, Julia M.

Information from B.M. Newcomb.

10 August 2012

Chloe Bartholomew married Andrew Newcomb

Chloe Pamelia Bartholomew was born 28 Jan 1855 in Welshfield OH, the daughter of George and Angelina (Houghton) Bartholomew. She married Andrew Bates Newcomb (28 Apr 1853 - 1928) in Parkman OH 24 Dec 1874. They had two children, Grace Adeline and Lee Percy. Chloe died in 1929.

Sources: B.M. Newcomb, Find a Grave

08 August 2012

Verdie Agnes Albee married Leighton Charles Newcomb

Verdie Agnes Albee (11 May 1890 - 15 Jul 1968) was born in Clay Center NE, the daughter of John H. and Celia H. (Thatcher) Albee. She married Leighton Charles Newcomb 11 Apr 1920 in Howard NE. They had three children: Craig Allen, Don Orville, and Vance Albee.

Information from B.M. Newcomb and public records.

06 August 2012

Harriet Barteaux married Israel Newcomb

Harriet Ann Barteaux was born 18 Apr 1832 in Wilmot, Nova Scotia, the daughter of James and Parney Wheelock Barteaux. She married Isarel Munroe Newcomb (b. 14 Apr 1830) in Wilmot, 11 Dec 1857. She died 6 Apr 1912. Harriet and Isarel had 10 children: Fayetta Jane, Mary Elizabeth, Annie Laurie, Ezekiel Barteaux, Helen Amanda, Lucinda Irene, Alwilda Maria, James Edward, Addie M., Charles Ingraham.

Sources: J.B. Newcomb, B.M. Newcomb

04 August 2012

Zillah Alberga married Fred Newcomb

Zillah Anna Alberga (b. 30 Dec 1893) was born in San Francisco, the daughter of David Judah and Catherine (Stanton) Alberga. She married Fred A. Newcomb (b. 26 Apr 1878) May 1909 in San Francisco. They had three children: Muriel Dolores, [name unknown], Robert Edward.

Information from B.M. Newcomb and public records.