30 August 2011

Bradford Newcomb 1747-1822

From B.M. Newcomb's book:

Mr. Newcomb was a patriot soldier in the War of the Revolution. His sword, a very neat one, is remembered by some of his descendants now living.

21 August 2011

Bethuel Newcomb 1751-1826

Frolm DAR lineage books:

American Revolution: Entered the service in Capt. James Clark's company, Colonel Putnam's 3rd Connecticut regiment, and was engaged in the Battle of Bunker Hill. In 1818 he applied for a pension and under the act of 1838 his widow's claim was allowed.

From John Bearse Newcomb's book:

Mr. Newcomb was a soldier in the patriot army of the Revolution. He entered the service 15 May 1775, in the Company of Capt. James Clark of Lebanon, 6th Co., Col. Israel Putnam, Third Conn. Regt., and was in the battle of Bunker Hill. He was discharged 15 Dec. 1775.

Bethuel Newcomb's account of The Battle of Bunker Hill:

I fired my gun until it became so hot I couldn't hold it; stepped past where a soldier had fallen--caught his gun. We kept hearing some one calling "Retreat!", but thought it was someone running away. Soon Gen. Israel Putnam came on horseback--on a dead run, bareheaded, calling out: "God curse you why don't you retreat. The British have almost surrounded you." Then we turned and ran up Bunker Hill--the grapeshot cutting down the grass between our legs as we ran. I was never wounded.

14 August 2011

Azariah Newcomb 1762-1843/44

From B.M. Newcomb's book:

In August 1778, at the age of fifteen or sixteen, Azariah Newcomb served six weeks as a substitute for Isaac Pardee in guarding the public stores at Sharon, Conn. He volunteered for three months in August 1780 at Salisbury, Conn., in the Company of Capt. John Perier, regiment commanded by Col. Canfield in Gen. Willis' or Wells' brigade; marched to Horse Neck, N.Y., white Plains and Bedford Hill, where he was discharged in November. In an action at Stamford, Conn., when the British forces landed from boats to burn the town, he received a sword cut on the head and a bayonet wound in the arm.

08 August 2011

Andrew Newcomb 1750 - 1781

From B.M. Newcomb's book:

That he served in the Revolutionary War is shown in the following: "A roll of Capt. Mathew Smith's co. stationed on the Isle of M.V. for the defence of the sea coast. Made up from the 15 of Jan. to the last of Feb. 1776. Andrew Newcomb private." "Said to have been Capt. of N.J. Regt. from Cumberland Co. Rev. War. Mar 1, 1776 to Jan 3, 1777." He served from 30 Sept. to 22 Nov. 1776, in John Russell's co., Maj. Bassett, guarding the seacoast of Martha's Vineyard; he also served on board a vessel of war as lieutenant. In Court of Sessions, Duke's County, May 1779, "Ordered that Andrew Newcomb receive an order on the Treasurer of the County for a cedar boat, which the British forces deprived him of, in Sept., last."

Andrew Newcomb and John Newcomb are included in the list of prisoners taken on the British vessel "Old Jersey", and church records say that Andrew died "returning from captivity". "About 8,000 names have been copied from an incomplete list of English War Records, of men confined as prisoners on board the Old Jersey Prison Ship, moored in Wallabout Bay, New York, during the Revolutionary War. It has been estimated that more than 11,000 of 11,644 persons perished on board during a period of three and a half years."

02 August 2011

Joseph Newcomb 1762 - 1814

From B.M. Newcomb's book:

He served three years as a patriot soldier in the War of the Revolution.