28 February 2012

Reuben Newcomb c. 1747 - c. 1814

According to B.M. Newcomb: quite probably Reuben Newcomb took part in the Revolutionary War, and he is probably referred to in the following concerning troops stationed at a junction of Penobscot and Magabigwaduce Rivers, Me.: "Thursday, Aug. 5th. This afternoon a part of the enemy sayy'd out on our right, but upon receiving a fire from our pickets they retir'd in confusion to their fort. Capt. Newcomb with his rangers had a skirmish with a party of the Enemy; kill'd 4. We lost one Indian" (General Lovell's Journal.)

15 February 2012

Solomon Newcomb (son of Joshua) b. around 1742

From B.M. Newcomb's book: In the War of the Revolution, he served in W. Lewis' Co. at Cambridge, 1776; also in Capt. John Cills' 6th Co. of Artillery, Craft's Regt. 1777.

09 February 2012

Simon Newcomb 1753-1841

From B.M. Newcomb's book:

Simon Newcomb enlisted in the Revolutionary War from Nine Partners, Jun 1776, in Capt. Melancton Smith's Co. of Rangers, Stephen Haight, Lieut., Holmes, Ensign, no Colonel; was engaged for five months at Nine Partners, Fishkill, Peekskill, and Verplanks Point in arresting and guarding Tories. While at the latter place the British ship Asia, seventy-four guns, and other smaller vessels, came up the North River and anchored opposite. His duties were transferred to watching and preventing the landing of the army until September, when ordered to White Plains, and he was employed until October in traversing the foregoing names places and on the Peekskill mountains; returned to Fishkill, thence to Poughkeepsie, to guard prisoners until the end of the month, when he was discharged at Nine Partners.

On 10 Dec. 1776 he volunteered in the same company; was discharged in February following. On 10 Aug. 1777, he volunteered in Capt. John Rouse's Co., Ingals, Lieut, Col. Graham's Regt, Gen. Glover's Brigade; marched to Stillwater and encamped on Bemis Heights; was present at the capture of the army of Gen. Burgoyne, during the battle being en Gen. Gates' Division; after Burgoyne's surrender he was ordered to Albany, then to Esopus, etc., and was discharged 10 Nov. In June and July 1778, he served under Capt. Elijah Herrick, Col. Frazer's Regt.; in 1779 in Capt. Ostram's Co., same regiment.

As a result of his services during the war he was a pensioner.

07 February 2012

John Daniels Jr

Listed in Decendents of Leiut Andrew Newcomb you show

# 892 John Daniels Jr. whom married Grace Scott.

What book is this item from ?

Thanks  Rick Ricketts

04 February 2012

Corrections to Jesse G Newcomb on Rootsweb

A user named klawson46 asks:

"Hello I am trying to find out how to have some information corrected and or added to the Rootsweb tree for my great grandmother Jesse G Newcomb and grandmother Mary Auriette Losier.It says the later died in 1980 it should be about 1940 and her name is wrong.I have tried to contact the two contacts and the email addresses are no longer any good can anyone help?The other info on Grandmothers brother and sister is also incorrect as well.Can anyone help me correct this?"

01 February 2012

Simon Newcomb 1745-1776

From B.M. Newcomb's book: American Revolution: He was one of the Nova Scotia patriots in 1776, who advocated joining the revolted provinces.