29 August 2012

Helen Aldoes married Benjamin Newcomb

Helen "Nellie" Aldoes was born around 1848 in Canada, the daughter of John Aldoes. She married Benjamin Burgess Newcomb (b. 28 Oct 1836) in Oct 1870. They had two daughters: Eva M. and Gertrude D.

Information from B.M. Newcomb


  1. Hello! I was shopping on etsy for some vintage items and came across a listing for a lot of love letters sent from Roscoe Finch to Marjorie Newcomb. I googled their names and found you. I see on here they were married and had children in MN. I just wanted to let you know their love letters on for sale online and I hate to see things like this leave the family! Hopefully someone in the family may be interested in purchasing them. I am going ot save the listing as a favorite since I cannot remember the name of the shop. You can also google Roscoe Finch love letters and find it. Otherwise, feel free to contact me at starbuckszomebie@yahoo.com and I will give you the name of the etsy shop online.

  2. Here is the link where you can see photos of some of the letters and information about them. The worst part is that the lady that is selling them has sold them off, one letter at a time, for $6.95 each. It looks like there were a lot! http://www.etsy.com/listing/87610984/100-year-old-love-letter


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