30 January 2010

Captain Humphrey Gilbert Newcombe born 1875

A reader named ericgould wrote:

Four years ago, I visited the Albert County Museum in Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick. I saw a photograph on the wall of a six-masted schooner, the Edward B. Winslow. The captain of that ship was Humphrey Gilbert Newcombe. HG Newcombe was my great great grandfather.

Since then, I have done a lot of research. I plan on visiting the Albert County museum in the near future, and I wish to put together my information for their records. I've decided to try my luck again, to see if I can find more info.

I have a lot of information about his two ships, the Edward B. Winslow and the Edward H. Cole. The Cole was sunk in the war by a German U-boat, the U-151. The U-151 lurked along the shore of New Jersey, until Sunday, 2 June 1918, when it sank six American ships, in a single day. This day is known in history as Black Sunday.

Thanks to this website, I was able to trace the direct ancestry back to 1616. I will list them chronologically, from father to son to grandson to great grandson to great great grandson, etc. below:

0. Capt Andrew Newcomb was born in 1616-1618 in Devonshire, England and died on 31 Jan 1685-1686 at sea near Boston.
1. Lt. Andrew Newcomb was born circa 1640 and died between 20 Aug 1706 and 22 Oct 1708 in Edgartown MA.
4. Simon Newcomb was born circa 1665, and died on 20 Jan 1744-1745 in Lebanon CT,(10) and was buried in
Jonathan Trumbull Cem., Lebanon CT.
24. Deacon John Newcomb was born circa 1688 in Edgartown MA, and died on 23 Feb 1765 in Cornwallis N.S.
128. Capt Eddy Newcomb was born on 23 Sep 1713 in Edgartown MA, and died after 19 Oct 1781 in Cornwallis N.S.
410. John Newcomb was born on 15 May 1742 in Lebanon CT, and died before May 1778.
1012. Eddy Newcomb was born on 15 Dec 1769 in Cornwallis N.S., and died on 11 Jun 1854 in Cornwallis N.S.
2563. Capt. Andrew Newcomb was born on 24 Sep 1800 in Cornwallis N.S., and died in 1874.
6227. Gilbert Andrew Newcomb was born on 18 Feb 1832 in St. John N.B., and died on 14 Feb 1889.
11665. Humphrey G. Newcomb was born on 31 Dec 1875 in Riverside N.B.
16391. Charles Gilbert Newcomb was born on 7 May 1905 in Boston MA.

If any of you distant relatives of mine have information about Humphrey Gilbert Newcombe, I would greatly appreciate seeing it. I can be reached at eric555gould@gmail.com.

Thank you Newcomb(e)s

- Eric Gould (25% Newcombe)


  1. Hugh CampbellFebruary 07, 2018

    For what its worth Humphrey G. Newcombe was my grandfather.
    Hugh R. F. Campbell

    1. Humphrey G. Newcombe was my grandfather as well Karen (Newcombe) Slayter. I have a daughter Dr. K. Slayter (infectious diseases) trying her best to do research on this Covid.19 virus.

    2. Thanks to your daughter for her work.

    3. My email is now hughscot525@gmail.com My grandfather was quite the man, I visited with him the school he jumped out of when he was 14 and ran off to sea.

    4. I remember you Hugh R. F Campbell. I think I met you when I was a teen ager. I am now 75 years old. Great to be in touch with you. My daughter, is a scientist working on this horrible Covid disease. Hugs from your old cousin.

    5. Hello Unknown, you must be Charles' daughter.0 I would have met you in about 1956 or so. We took my grandfather, H.G. Newcombe on one last time back home. Drop me a note at my email address as I probably won't be back here again. aka Scotty.


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