19 November 2013


Blog comment spammers are so annoying. And so pointless. I just got nearly 100 spam comments added within a few seconds of each other on a single 7-year-old post on this blog. Of course, these comments never appeared in public because this is a moderated blog. Why do these idiots bother spamming moderated blogs? Probably, since most spam is automated, they don't even know what they are doing but just broadcast spam everywhere. The good news is, I can bulk delete the spam, so I don't have to click on each stupid comment. I could make it harder for the idiots by adding a word verification puzzle to the comments. I've never wanted to bother my readers with that, but now that I am getting more and more ridiculous spam on the blog, I may do it. I know it won't stop all of them; some pathetic spammers actually upload their phony comments by hand. But it would stop the ones that use automation to upload 100 comments per minute.

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