31 January 2011

Eliphalet H. Newcomb

Eliphalet Haskins Newcomb (b.  8 Jun 1808. BMN #782) was the son of Kinner Newcomb (b. 15 Jun 1777) and Elizabeth Beaman (b. 22 Feb 1762).  He married his first cousin, Mary Newcomb (b. 2 Jun 1808) in 1829.

Were there two Eliphalet H Newcombs living in Cleveland at around the same time? Or are there simply a number of errors and discrepancies in the record?

In the 1850 census, E.H. Newcomb's occupation is listed as tailor. His age is given as 42, which corresponds to the 1808 birthdate from the old Newcomb books. The names and ages of his wife and children in the 1850 census also match the books.

In the 1860 census, E.H. Newcomb's occupation is listed a lawyer, which now corresponds to the Newcomb books. His wife, Euretta J., could be the "Jane" listed in the book. His age is now 48, making him 4 or 5 years younger. His sons George and Theodore were living with their married sister.

In the 1870 census (taken in July), Eli Newcomb is a lawyer, married to Euretta. His age is 60, which puts him about halfway between the ages in the previous two censuses. There are now four children living with him. The eldest is George, age 20, 10 years younger than the original George, who was married and living with his wife in Cleveland in June 1870. According to the Newcomb books, Eliphalet and his second wife had no children. Since these children did not appear with them in 1860, they may have been grandchildren or the children of a relative.

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