17 November 2009

Lionel E. Newcomb (b. 1885)

According to B.M. Newcomb, Lionel Everett Newcomb (b. 12 sep 1885, BMN #2428) married Jessie M. Roundthwait (b. 27 Aug 1885) in 1906 and had a son named Robert Dobson Newcomb (BMN #3378), born in Yakima WA in 1907. In the 1910 census, a Lionel E. Newcomb appears in Seattle, married 4 years to an unnamed wife (born in Canada, age 24) and a son also named Lionel E., age 2, born in Washington. So far, I have been unable to find either of the two Lionels in either the 1920 or 1930 census, or anywhere else.

In the 1920 census, Lionel's brother Glee (BMN #2429) is in Los Angeles Co. with a wife named Jessie M. (born in Canada, age 34) and a son named Robert D., age 12, born in Washington. Since Glee was still single and living with his parents in 1910, it seems unlikely (although of course not impossible) that this is his natural son. This same family also appears in the 1930 census

Did Lionel die before 1920 and, if so, did Glee marry his brother's widow?


  1. Everett is a second cousin, 2x removed and I've been searching for years about his ultimate fate. I believe I sorted it out. He didn't die but for some reason, Jessie married Glee and lived happily thereafter with him. Everett appears to have moved to Texas and then married Velma Veece and lived to the age of Illinois and is buried with Velma in Wiliamson County (see Find a Grave #136275525). So to answer your questions: no, he did not die before 1920 and Glee did not married his widow but his brother's ex-wife. There are still lots of unanswered questions though about this line of the Newcombs.


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