27 May 2007

Francis Newcomb line?

A reader wrote the following:

I am in the line of Francis Newcomb (Peter, John, Benjamin, William, Arnold, John Rightmyre, Charles, Gus, William and then me "Mike"). I have a website www.newcombfamilytree.com. Would any one out there have any information on Arnold Newcomb of Schohaire County, New York or any of the decendents in our line?


  1. Arnold Newcomb and some of his descendants are listed in my database. Here's a link (sorry it's so long).


  2. thank you for the information. i have been working on sandford paine newcomb, charles craigs brother. i found him in antlers, ok. they have his name as sanford keene newcomb. same parents and history. i am posting a note on his family. thanks again


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