02 July 2004

Early Newcombs

This category is for the discussion of our immigrant ancestors and other Newcombs in America prior to the 1850s.


  1. I'm trying to find documents to prove the father-son relationship of Samuel (1749-1800) and Benjamin (1784-1816) (He's the one who was the first settler in bronson, OH.) (He is also the one who was kicked by a horse) see John Bearse Newcomb's book.
    Any suggeston will be appreciated.
    (My grandmother was Agnes Newcomb. Pat C.

  2. deedeenewMay 01, 2011

    I am trying to locate data for my 4th great grandfather and first American immigrant, Joseph Newcomb, born abt 1767 and died 1825 in Crittendon county, Kentucky. Although nicknamed 'Irish Joe' I do not believe he immigrated from the Ulster area listed in LDS records, as a result of research provided by PRONI. Also rumored he was born in Scotland but no one seems to have any source data. No one knows where he sailed from, what his POE was (I am focusing on Alexandria after eliminating Philadelphia and Wilmington), ship name or even parents names. He purchased 100 acres of land on the QuaQua creek in Rockingham county, North Carolina and married Easter (or Esther) Dudley, they had 7 children and eventually settled in Kentucky after a few years in Tennessee. Looking for any data on Joseph on his arrival and prior to his arrival to America. BTW he chose to drop the 'b' on the end of surname as well as 4 of his 7 children.


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