06 October 2010

Fay A. Newcomb

Fay A. Newcomb (BMN #2586a) was born 27 Apr 1884, according to his WWI draft registration (which gives his middle name as Alva). According to B.M. Newcomb, he was born 25 Apr 1889, in Carrollton MO, the son of Matthew Dickey Newcomb (b. 12 Oct 1847, BMN #1518) and Aurilla Moulton (b. 29 Jul 1859).  However, he does not appear with them in the 1900 census, when he would have been between 11 and 16 years old. Their other children are listed. The 1900 census does list Alva F. Newcomb, born Apr 1888, living with his divorced mother, Ida M., in Carrollton, living with her family, the Chapmans. Missouri marriage records show a marriage between Matthew D. Newcomb and Ida W. Chapman 5 Aug 1877 in Carroll MO. The 1880 census shows Matthew D. and Ida M. Newcomb in Carrollton with their child Ona (one of the children BMN listed with Matthew and Aurilla) and an infant son. Were there two different Matthew D. Newcombs in the same area at the same time, both of whom happened to have a child named Ona, thus confusing B.M. Newcomb? Or did Matthew have two wives (possibly marrying one before divorcing the other)?

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