21 October 2009

Frank Newcomb (b. 1857)

Frank Newcomb (BMN #1039) was born 13 Aug 1857. He married Maragaret D. Hall (born 11 Jan 1869).  B.M. Newcomb said that Frank had conducted a vaudeville company for twenty-five years. Yet his occupation as listed in the census gives no hint of this. In 1880 he was working on his father's farm, in 1900 and 1910 he was a farmer and in 1920 a fireman, and in 1930 had no occupation.


  1. Do you know where Frank was born or lived? I am searching for information on a "Duke" (probably a nickname) Newcomb who was in vaudeville about 1920. We have a trunk from that time with a plate showing this name - he often visited a relative in Attica NY in the 1950's. Could he be Frank's son? Any information on Frank's children?

    1. This could be my great-great grandfather. His daughter Ruby Mae was in his vaudeville act and played the trick violin and banjo. Ruby(Henderson) was my great- grandmother. They had dancing dogs in the act. My records show he was born in Seville, Michicagn. Frank's children were Adeline, Grace, Rudy Mae,Clyde, and Clymina (Mina). Frank lived in Denver Michigan (1900), Isabella Michigan (1910), Washtenah County Michigan 1920. My Aunt remembers a large trunk with magic acts items (popping up top hat), dog costumes and flyers. We have no idea wheer the truck is now. Like to hear more about what you may know

  2. I have five children for Frank: Adaline, Grace, Ruby May, Clyde and Clymenia (Mina). Clyde was born in 1890 and seems to have died before 1930. He married Theda Zeufelt. They had two sons, Theo and Percy, born in 1913 and 1914. Percy died in 2000. I don't know what happened to Theo. As far as I know, all of them lived in Michigan. My database includes many, many men named Frank or Francis Newcomb, and I think B.M. Newcomb probably had this Frank confused with a different Frank when he said he was in Vaudeville.

  3. My wife has a picture of the Frank Newcomb in question where it shows him & his family band. It is in a frame that also lists a theatre flyer which mentions the trained canine act.
    Bob Campbell
    Holt, MI
    Peregriner - ancestry.com


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